Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Campus Calendar

The Northwestern State main campus calendar lists public events submitted to the university's Campus Communicators Committee.

Does the University Campus Calendar replace the old EMS calendar system?

For promoting events and serving as the master calendar for campuswide events, yes.  For the booking of rooms on-campus, no.

How do I book rooms for campus events?

The EMS system continues to be used by the campus to reserve space.  Your first step for any event is to book your space through EMS.

How do I get my event on the calendar?

After booking your space, submit events to your academic or staff area representative to Campus Communicators, or to the university's Marketing and Branding Office.

What kind of events qualify for the calendar?

In general, these events are open to the public and promote the educational mission of Northwestern State.  We have a checklist for organizers to follow.

Can I filter the Campus Calendar to show only the events I'm interested in?

Yes.  By dates and by categories of events.  Below the calendar on the right column, you can click on areas of interest and see only the events related to that area.

Can I download events to my personal calendar?

Yes.  Click the "note" icon next to events and you will be prompted with instructions of how to pull these events to your phone or other device.

Can I see academic calendars for upcoming years?

The Acrobat PDF files of the future semester calendars are located on the Registrar's Office website

I have more questions about the Campus Calendar.

Contact Bill Smith in Marketing and Branding at 318.357.4245 or by email.