**The lease must be submitted in the student's name.  Parents cannot put leases in their names.  We are aware that students under the age of 18 are blocked from submitting a lease.  We are not able to correct this in the portal at this time.  As a workaround, enter the birth year as 1995.

**Be advised that you should only submit a lease for one residential community - your first choice.  If you submit a lease for both communities, you will be financially responsible for both leases.

**No paper leases will be accepted - leases must be submitted online via the portal.


Leasing Steps:

Step 1 - Please read the lease below for the residential community in which you are interested in residing.  It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions outlined in the lease before submitting your request for housing for 2014-2015. We do not accept paper leases - the process is done online via the portals in Step 2. The packets are for you to read before completing the online process.

University Columns Lease Packet 14 -15
University Place Lease Packet 14- 15


Step 2 - Select the residential community below where you would like to lease in order to complete the online application.

University Columns

Please click HERE to access the resident portal.

--Current residents must use email and password that is utilized to submit online work orders via the Resident Portal. If you do not remember your login credentials, please EMAIL us for assistance.

Current Resident Step 1:  Select "Lease Now" once you are logged in and see your profile screen.

Current Resident Step 2: Term Selector screen

    *If you wish to renew to your same room, select "Returning Resident" and complete the lease process.

    *If you wish to move to a different room or unit type, select "New Resident" and complete the lease process.

--Students not currently residing in University Columns, will need to create a username and password and complete the lease process.

University Place

Please click HERE to access the portal to begin the process. The process is the same for current residents and new students.