Frequently Asked Questions 



Do I have to live on campus?

NSU has a residency requirement and all undergraduate students under the age of 21 are required to live on campus unless you meet one of the exemption requirements.  Information about the residency requirement can be found online at

When do I need to apply?

Apply early! Beds fill quickly so apply as soon as you make your decision to attend NSU! 

What do I need to do in order to have the best chance to get the assignment I requested?

Apply early!  Assignments are allocated in the order in which leases are received.  Therefore, early application is encouraged. Two bedroom apartments at University Columns and Private bedrooms at University Place are in high demand and fill quickly.  If one of these unit types is your first preference, we advise that you apply early.

Will my request for a specific roommate be honored?

If all students involved request each other, complete leasing documents and submit all required fees, we will make every attempt to honor the request.  Please remember that assignments are done in the order in which completed lease packets are received.  Students requesting each other as roommates should submit lease packets at the same time to increase the chances of being able to live together.

How do I pay for my housing?

Housing fees are placed on your NSU student account each semester.  Financial Aid can be used to pay for housing. Financial aid cannot be used to pay for security deposit and processing fee, however.  There is a policy outlining housing fee payment in the lease.  Please make sure that you read the lease carefully in regards to payment to avoid issues with housing.


When can I move in?

The move in date for Fall 2014 is Saturday, August 23, 2014.  Information will be included in your assignment letter about move-in.

If you are required by NSU to arrive early, your coach, spirit group sponsor or band director will notify our office of the date you are required to arrive. We ask that you also email our office at

What amenities come with my apartment?

At University Columns, basic cable and internet are included.  Students are given an electricity stipend.

At University Place, basic cable, internet, and electricity.

Can I bring my pet?

No, we do not allow pets.  This includes fish.

What is your guest policy?

Students are allowed to have guests as long as all residents of the apartment are comfortable with the guest.  Overnight guest are not allowed unless approved by the Housing Office.  We strongly encourage roommates to discuss the issue within the first week of move in to avoid any problems.

What if I do not get along with my roommate?

We have staff trained in roommate and conflict mediation.  We will first attempt to bring the parties involved together to discuss any issues and work with them to set guidelines.  Our staff utilizes Roommate Contracts and other resources in order to encourage students to work together and to develop the skills necessary for living in a communal setting.  If issues persist, we will discuss a room change.