Living Learning Communities & Special Interest Housing

NSU Living - Learning Communities (LLCs) are great places to begin and continue your college career! The LLCs are located in residence halls where students request to live near each other. They share a particular interest in academics, social and cultural issues and activities.

Benefits of Living-Learning Communities:

  • Involvement with students who have similar academic goals

  • Common place of residence

  • Career exploration

  • Introduction to university resources

  • Peer mentoring and/or tutoring in the residence hall

  • Faculty mentoring and involvement

  • Leadership development

  • Special programs to acquaint students with campus life

  • More collaborative learning environment

    Living-Learning Community Options:

  •  Louisiana Scholars’ College

  • Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)

  • Business/Accounting

  • Presidential Leadership Program

  • Student Ambassadors
  • Wellness