Welcome to the online version of NSU’s yearbook, Potpourri.

The Potpourri began publication in 1909 and has been published every year except two, when World War I and World War II interrupted publication. Over the years, it has evolved into a 288-page, full color history book that records the history of the university and its students during a particular year.

To cover the cost of production, a yearbook fee was charged annually to students at NSU’s Natchitoches campus during fall fee payment. In 2010, students voted to extend this fee to all students, including those at the Leesville, Alexandria, and Shreveport campuses, and those attending online. Yearbooks are now distributed at all campus locations. While online students can choose to pick up a yearbook at any campus location, or have a yearbook mailed to them for a $10 shipping and handling fee, the online version is the Potpourri staff’s effort to extend the benefits of the yearbook to this unique group of students. Additionally, the community and alumni will benefit from this new offering.

Potpourri is an independent student media organization. Students plan, design, and produce it. Many editorial staff members receive performance scholarships linked to their responsibilities. One scholarship is also awarded each year to an incoming freshman.

The book's coverage runs from March to March of each year, allowing the staff to feature many campus events. For more information, or to ask about scholarships, please contact Advisor Stephanie Masson via e-mail at massons@nsula.edu or at 318-357-4237.

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