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Course Design


ECE offers one-on-one support for your course building and teaching needs.  We can help with anything related to creating content and setting up your courses. Email any time to ask a question or set up a Webex meeting with one of our staff.

Course Design

Course Development Checklist includes a summary of elements necessary for a quality online course.


NSU offers a Moodle template, which includes placeholders for common course components, as well as graphics to get you started.  If you would like the template to be added to a course shell, request the template when your development shell is created.

Elements of a well-designed course:

  • Module overview – Download this template to create consistent and clear module introductions.
  • Learner support links – This is a list of student resource links that you can share with your students.
  • Course Overview and Introduction – Include these elements in your course to ensure that your students are oriented and ready to begin learning.
  • Writing Objectives – This handout introduces some basic information on writing measurable objectives.
  • Assessment and Measurement – Think about these ideas as you create the assessment plan for your course.
  • Rubrics – Reference this document to create rubrics that clarify expectations and ensure that grading is consistent.

Learning Communities to Explore

Quality Matters is an organization dedicated to ensuring the highest quality in online courses. NSU us a QM-subscribing institution, and much of the advice we give regarding creating online courses is based on the QM rubric. As a member of the faculty or staff at NSU, you have access to a wide variety of resources on the Quality Matters website, including workshops that require payment, free webinars, and tools to help you build and assess your online courses. You will need to create your account the first time you visit in order to access all of the resources.

Online Learning Consortium is another national organization that you can access as a member of NSU faculty or staff. OLC offers a variety of professional development opportunities, some of which require additional payment. On the OLC site, you can read the Online Learning Journal and access various online communities.  The first time you access this site, you will need to create an account.  Be sure to use your NSU email address to receive access.

Other Resources

Bookmark these:

  • Tech Toolbox – Read monthly for new tips you can use in your teaching!
  • Upcoming Sessions – Check monthly for the current list of workshops offered by ECE.