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Instructional Resources

As we explore instructional resources they will be listed here for reference. If you have any resources you enjoy using or that you would like to share, contact us via the feedback form.


As the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation explains, OER are “teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and repurposing by others. Learn the ins and outs of using OER in the classroom and get help finding helpful resources here.

This is a brief list of channels that produce consistent, high quality content on a wide variety of topics.

TED has multiple channels for finding resources. The first is TED – ED, a YouTube channel that focuses on creating lessons for students of all ages. Second is the channel for TED Talks. They are short talks (18 minutes or less) on a wide range of topics that have been presented at TED conferences all over the world. These two channles are full of valuable videos.

Alternate History Hub
Alternate History Hub is a channel dedicated to exploring “what if” things had happened differently in history.

Hippocampus is a collection of videos produced for educational use.  It is designed to be incorporated into K-12 courses, but some content may overlap with lower-level college courses.

Healthcare Triage
Healthcare Triage explores current topics in the health care industry.

Crash Course
Crash Course is a collection of professionally produced videos covering a wide range of topics, from computer science to philosophy.  Crash Course also has its own website:

NPR News
NPR collects current news that can be shared within a course. They also produce an app, NPR One, for news and podcast delivery.

ClassHook has collected video clips from movies and television that can apply to topics discussed in a variety of course types. These clips are allocated to topics and sub-topics that can be browsed. For example, the clip “Ellen DeGeneres Show: Stressed Out” is categorized under Stress > Coping Mechanisms. Videos are also tagged with letters that denote how complex the video is, and how applicable to your students it may be.

By definition, engagement tools are tools used to interact with your students. Any software or program can engage students if used creatively.

Explain Everything
Explain Everything can be used as a whiteboard during class, as well as a recording software for instructional or explainer videos. Draw, insert, and organize content on the boards to share with your students.

PowerPoint Recording
Create a more engaging presentation with the free Office Mix plugin for PowerPoint. Insert questions, polls, and video into your presentation and receive feedback from viewers.

Online video discussion. You add topics and your students respond with short videos.

Allows you to create short online games that your students can participate.


Allows you to record voice messages and then generates a link so you can share within your classes.

Poll Everywhere
Use Poll Everywhere to collect feedback or organize available times for meetings.

Webex Live Meetings
Interact with your students live through Webex and Personal Room. Within Webex, you can engage students with polling, annotations, and assignments. For more information on Webex, visit our Webex page here