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Video Content

Video has become a nearly vital part of online education. Videos created by the instructor alongside third party resources provide visual direction or explanation of a course, assignment, or specific topic. Finding the videos relevant to your course can be a challenge, but we have compiled a list of some reliable sources of third-party videos.


There are two ways to share videos from an outside source: link the video using the URL, or embed the video with the embed code. A possible third option is available if the creator of the video allows you to download the video. In that case, follow the instructions in the “Recording Your own Videos” section to link the video using VIC.

For more detailed instruction on how to share a third-party video with your students, watch the video below or read the text version.


  • VIC Tutorial: PDF
  • Video Creation Resources: PDF
  • PowerPoint Recording: PDF
  • Using Stream: PDF
  • Closed Captioning Videos with Stream: PDF

For more information on using video resources, including video best practices and finding online resources, see the upcoming ECE Professional Development Schedule.