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Bachelor of Applied Science in Resource Management (Hybrid)

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BASRM) is a degree that blends business courses and curricula of a Resource you wish to Manage.  This degree is primarily designed for students that have completed sixty hours of course work and/or have an Associate or Bachelor’s degree, but this is not a requirement for admission into the program.

After completing the University Core requirements, all BASRM students must complete a core of twenty-one credit hours.  These courses are designed to prepare you to enter the workforce with basic management knowledge.  The remaining curriculum hours will be devoted to course work in the area in which you wish to devote your career.  The following concentrations require courses taken on an NSU campus:

Culinary Science* (258D) – for student who are interested in the fundamentals of culinary arts with cross training in production and microbial safety.

Environmental Science* (258E) – for students who are interested in working in the agronomic sector and upon completing specified course work will have the background to enter agricultural-related governmental services such as NRCS.

*The BASRM has three concentrations available completely online.  For information about the Concentrations in Human Resources, Industrial Technology Manufacturing, and Unified Public Safety, click here.