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Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS)

The Computer Information Systems program offers curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in CIS. The program provides both theoretical and practical “hands-on” classes in Database, Networking, Cloud Computing, Programming, Cyber Forensics, Internet Web Design and Development, Information Security, Mobile Application (App) Development and Systems Analysis & Design among others. The CIS program offers four concentrations to its students – (1) Application Development, (2) Networking & Systems Management, (3) Web Development, and (4) Cyber Security.

Why should you choose CIS as a career field? CIS careers are routinely listed as the top (or near the top) career paths in America and are projected to continue their growth in the future. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics continues to list information technology and CIS careers at the top of the list in both career growth opportunities, career satisfaction and in entry-level salaries.

Why should you choose Northwestern State’s CIS program? The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at Northwestern State is nationally recognized for its excellence in systems analysis and design, database design and development, Internet web design and development, and object-oriented programming. The CIS program has been recognized as an Area of Excellence by the University of Louisiana system since 1999 winning 17 national titles in various competitions. The CIS program has implemented curricula enabling students to seek Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft certifications in various areas. Several major corporations list the CIS program at Northwestern State as an exceptional CIS program and highly recruit its graduates. The Northwestern State CIS program’s prowess in these areas opens many career paths and creates special opportunities for you during your academic career and after graduation.

Networking & System Management (102D): CIS 2050, 3400, 3700, 3800, 3980, 4080, 4220, and 4230.

Web Development (102E): (24 semester hours) CIS 2050; 3300; 3970; 4030; 4100; 6 hours from ART 2560, 3410, 3560, 3810, 3960, 4560, 4610, 4960, CIS 4000, 4060; and 1 CIS elective (3 semester hours) from any CIS class except CIS 1010, CIS 1060, CIS 3050, CIS 3100, and CIS 4050.

Cyber Security (102G): CIS 2050, 3400, 3410, 3700, 3800, 3980, 4040, and 1 CIS elective (3 semester hours) from any CIS class except CIS 1010, CIS 1060, CIS 3050, CIS 3100, and CIS 4050.

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While the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) is an online degree, certain classes do require proctored exams. Suitable locations for proctored exams include universities, community/technical colleges, libraries, testing centers, etc. A few classes require certification exams to be taken at a Certiport testing center or other location approved to give those exams. More guidance will be given in those classes.

Phone:  318-357-5162
Contact:  Dr. Curtis Penrod
Website:  CIS Program

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