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Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership and Instruction

The Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in Educational Leadership and Instruction is designed to provide certified teachers advanced knowledge and skills in areas of leadership, technology, and special education. The degree is a minimum of 30-hours beyond the Master’s degree. Pending the applicant’s transcript evaluation, additional coursework may be required. All applicants must meet regular admission requirements to NSU’s Graduate School.

Prerequisites include graduate level courses in Curriculum Development or Curriculum and Instruction (3-hours) and Instructional Improvement and Assessment or Educational Philosophy and Leadership (3hours).

Core requirements for the Ed.S. include 15-hours of graduate credit as follows: Research (6-hours), Statistics (3-hours), and Thesis or Field Study (6-hours).

The specialist degree has three concentrations. For course rotations, please click on the concentration links below.

Concentration in Educational Technology (582H)
Concentration in Special Education (582G)
Concentration in Educational Leadership(582I)

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