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Post-Master Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner

The Post-Master Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner (PMC FNP) program provides master’s prepared registered nurses (RNs) the didactic and clinical education necessary to become family nurse practitioners (FNPs). The objectives of this certificate program are to prepare the certificate holder to 1) apply advanced practice skills, abilities and knowledge to provide holistic family centered primary health care to populations across the lifespan in a variety of ambulatory care settings as an advanced practice nurse specializing in family nursing, 2) provide culturally competent, population-based primary care for minor acute and chronic conditions for the family unit, and 3) demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities to sit for an FNP Certification Examination in order to apply for a state licensure as an APRN, practicing as a board certified FNP with the ability to attain prescriptive authority.

The curriculum plan for each PMC FNP student is based on the MSN FNP curriculum pattern, but will vary depending upon course work already completed during the student’s prior graduate program. Each student’s formal graduate transcript is reviewed, and a gap analysis is completed to compare previous course work and clinical experiences to the requirements of the MSN FNP curriculum pattern. Courses on the MSN FNP curriculum pattern may be waived if the required course or its equivalent has already been completed. Depending on the course and clinical requirements, the post master’s certificate can be obtained in two to five semesters.

For more information on the program, contact the College of Nursing at Northwestern State University. Phone: 318-677-3100.