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MSN Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) Concentration

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner clinical sequence has one functional area: Role of the Nurse Practitioner. Students who pursue the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner sequence will take the MSN core courses, four clinical courses, clinical practicums, role courses, an advanced assessment course, and Pharmacotherapeutics, in addition to, a course in Family Dynamics. The sequence of studies requires a minimum of 42 credits and leads to the MSN degree. In addition, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner graduates will be eligible to apply for the NCC Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner certification examination and for other examinations as deemed appropriate by certifying bodies. This clinical sequence will prepare Advanced Practice Nurses in women’s health nursing practice who can function in primary care settings with women of all ages. Nurse practitioner students will complete a professional paper in lieu of thesis.

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