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Undergraduate Certificate in Invasive Cardiovascular Technology

This program will help you complete your educational requirements and prepare for national certification examinations in invasive cardiovascular technology. Students may enroll at any point in the curriculum and be finished in as little as three semesters. There is an optional clinical course offered for those needing competency requirements. This program is offered 100% ONLINE!

ALHE 4610: Introduction to Health Care Quality
This course will define healthcare quality and the quality characteristics expected in high-performing healthcare
organizations. A study of how healthcare quality is measured, assessed, and improved.

ALHE 4600: Teamwork and Leadership Challenges for the Healthcare Professional
Content is designed to provide the skills necessary for the healthcare professional to provide leadership in
workplace performance and professional development to promote efficient and effective patient care.


ALHE 4911: Advanced Certification Clinical
Students will be supervised in a clinical education setting to perform advanced imaging procedures. Emphasis will
be placed on students competently performing those procedures unique to their advanced imaging modality.

ALHE 4910: Invasive Cardiovascular Procedures
Explore angiographic approaches to diagnostic and interventional procedures performed in a cardiovascular
lab. Topics covered include patient positioning during interventional cardiac procedures, cardiac anatomy and
pathology, radiation protection, and image critique.

ALHE 4920: Cardiovascular Imaging Equipment
Cover advanced interventional equipment and physiologic monitoring equipment. This course will explore the
inventory used in interventional cardiovascular lab, including automatic injectors, catheters, guide wires, needles,
intravascular ultrasound, and other equipment.

ALHE 4930: Cardiovascular Patient Care
Identify the patient care skills needed to be proficient in the invasive cardiovascular lab. Topics covered will include
the physical assessment of the patient, pre- and post-procedure monitoring of the patient, and evaluation of access

ALHE 4940: Cardiovascular Hemodynamics
Identify normal and abnormal hemodynamic pressures and waveforms. Students will also be taught advanced
mathematical calculations and conversions related to cardiovascular hemodynamics.

For more information on the program, contact the School of Allied Health at Northwestern State University.

Phone: 318-677-3020.