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Practitioner Teacher Program (PREP)

This summer intensive program is available to those who have already completed an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution. Candidates complete 9 graduate course hours during the summer, preparing you to start teaching immediately! Candidates will then enroll in 6 graduate hours of internship and seminars in both fall and spring semesters for a total of 21 graduate hours.

Participants must be employed in an NSU-approved teaching position. Completion leads to a Louisiana teaching license in Elementary grades 1-5, Middle grades 4-8, or Secondary grades 6-12.

For additional information, go to the School of Education.

Phone: 318-357-4058
Contact: Ms. Ramona Wynder, Coordinator of Alternative Certification Programs

NSU has met rigorous professional standards for the preparation of teachers and other school specialists and is nationally accredited through the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).