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Family Friendship Program for International Students at NSU

Beginning Spring 2016 the International Student Resource Center will pair international students with local families creating an opportunity for participants to learn about other cultures, traditions, and languages. The FFP is a unique program that fosters international and cross cultural understanding. The FFP is not a homestay program, but an opportunity for local families and international students to spend time together and learn from one another. Individuals and families of any type are welcome to participate. Fill out the application below

What is the Friendship Family Program?

  • The FFP connects NSU international students with local U.S. families.
  • The purpose of the program is to provide students and local families with a unique and heart-warming opportunity to share their cultures and experiences from their home countries.
  • Once paired, families will arrange to meet and spend time with students at least 4 times a semester or as often as mutually desired.
  • Families can invite students for family outings, informal family meals, holiday celebrations, and any other activity in town or around that will help international students get acquainted with life away from home and adds to their understanding and appreciation of American culture and traditions.
  • Students may invite their host families to University events and share their activities on campus.
  • The International Student Resource Center will arrange for the first meeting.

Who can participate?

  • Families from NSU faculty members, staff and administrators, and families from the Natchitoches community. Any type of family is welcome to participate: individuals, couples, partners, families without children, with children of various ages, young, retired.
    What is the families’ commitment?
  • The initial commitment is for one semester and we encourage families to meet at least once per month, or as often as mutually desired. However, families can choose to remain in contact for the duration of the students’ stay at NSU and after. Families and students can also stay in touch by e-mail, phone, and social media.
  • No housing, financial or counseling requirements.

Why participate

  • It is an enriching experience and an opportunity to learn about different cultures, traditions and languages. Your family will also have the satisfying feeling of providing a home away from home for a student who is far from family and home.
  • International students bring a fascinating new world to your home and an opportunity to appreciate the richness of other cultures.
  • Your family will foster cultural understanding between students from around the world and the local community.

How can you get involved?

  • Fill out and submit the application form below
  • The International Student Resource Center will get in touch with you after you have been paired up with an international student.

Application Form






Names and ages of all family members

Languages spoken in family

What organizations, hobbies, special interests is your family involved in?

Please let us know if there is you are interested in specific countries or areas of the world

Will your family be interested in being paired with 2 students

Do you prefer

Reason for your preference

Why is your family interested in this program