Student Friendship Program

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Student Friendship Program for International Students at NSU

Click here to view the Student Friendship Guidebook.

The goal of the SFP is to promote and facilitate cross‐cultural friendship by pairing an international
student (Student) with a volunteer from the university (Student Host) for a semester or an academic year.

The Student Host provides an informal introduction to life in the United States via conversation and
activities. International Students can help their American host learn more about other cultures, languages, etc.

About Our International Students

There are approximately 100 international students at Northwestern State University representing over 20 countries. Most of these students come from Colombia and Honduras with growing numbers hailing from France and Eastern Europe. All international students interested in this program are excited about being placed with a host.

About Our American Student Hosts

Community participants learn about the program through word‐of‐mouth, newspaper and website
announcements, civic organizations, neighborhood associations and NSU publications. Student Hosts
represent a wide variety of backgrounds, races, and interests.

How to join the Program?

If you would like to participate in the SFP, whether as a Host or Student, please complete the application below and submit it to the ISRC for processing. The spouses of international students are welcome to participate.

Hosts may make specific requests regarding who they would like to have as their Student, but are
encouraged to be open-minded and flexible.

Application for the Student Friendship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Student Friendship Program! The information you provide will help the International Student Resource Center to better assign you to a student with compatible interests. We are thrilled you took this first step to make this happen.



I am an:
American StudentInternational Student

If you chose "International Student" in the question above, what country are you from?



Email address:


What organizations, hobbies, and special interests are you involved in?

Please let us know if there are any specific countries or areas of the world that you are interested in:

Do you prefer:
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Reason for your preference:

In which semester do you want to participate?

Why are you interested in participating in the Student Friendship Program?