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Fall 2020 Calendar

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar
Freshman Connection 2.0 is for all incoming first-time freshman that have pre-registered for a Summer Session of Freshman Connection prior to July 9.  Any first-time incoming freshman that have not registered for the Freshman Connection program will need to contact the Department Head of your respective major for guidance in registering for your fall semester.  To find the email of your Department Head, log on to your MyStatus Page, and follow the prompts on the page.  If you have any questions, call the Office of Recruiting at (318) 357-4503 for assistance.

Freshman Connection 2.0 was created to provide incoming students with the in-person experiences that traditionally take place at Freshman Connection. The current date for the proposed Freshman Connection 2.0 is slated for August 14, 2020. We are expecting approximately 800 incoming first-year students to be a part of the event. The day will progress with four rotations of four groups of 200 first-year students. The participants will be grouped by last names and will receive their schedule information prior to Move-In Day.

The students will attend To Be a Demon, an Organization/Resource Browse, take their Student ID pictures, pick up their Parking Permits, Campus Tours through Destination Demons and participate in a Demon Daze activity. Each rotation will follow social distance protocols and will require all participants to wear masks. Lunch and dinner will be provided for the students. To maintain proper regulations, the students will have boxed lunches and dinners at their designated time. During their break time, they are free to return to their rooms while they eat and/or wait for the next session.

Students will check-in at their first session locations to pick up their name tags and Freshman Connection 2.0 gear. All students should have registered via the Eventbrite link for Freshman Connection 2.0.  Lines for check-in will be socially distanced with 6 feet in between each participant. Students who did not register will be asked to do so electronically during check-in.

This event will be located at Iberville Green. Students will receive a towel upon arrival at the session.  They will use the towel to sit on the ground and keep as a memento.  Iberville Green will be marked beforehand with suggested socially-distanced spots for towels. The NSU Connectors will share information on what it means To Be a Demon at Northwestern State University. Topics covered include the Student Code of Conduct, NSU policies on alcohol, Title IX, moving toward justice and equity and the importance of making appropriate choices and reducing harmful outcomes.  After the performance, the group of 200 will be broken into small groups of 9 or 10 to and Freshman Connectors will facilitate small group discussion. This session is REQUIRED for all new students.

This event will take place at the Tailgate Field. Students will get to fully emerge in the thrills and spirit of NSU while enjoying a socially-distanced, engaging experience while meeting other members of the Class of 2024.

The students will have the opportunity to visit with current students who are a part of the many organizations on campus, as well as visit with other great campus resources such as the Student Affairs staff. Students will be limited to one visitor at each booth and will be expected to follow social distancing guidelines.

All students who drive on campus are required to have a parking permit on their primary vehicle. Students must complete the Parking Permit Registration form located on their MyNSU under the Quick Links Menu. Students who do not complete the form 48 hours prior to their session to pick up their permit will have to wait until the first day of classes to pick up their permit. Students will pick up their permit at the same assigned time as their ID pictures in the Student Union Ballroom. Only 10 students at a time will be permitted into the Student Union Ballroom.  Volunteers will be stationed at the entrance to permit students inside.

As students finish taking ID pictures and picking up permits, volunteers will be stationed below the Student Union to take students on walking tours of campus.  Tours will be based on where a group of students would like to see more of campus. Tour groups will be socially distanced and limited to 10 students at a time.

8:30 AM – 8:50 AM
Check-In at assigned First Session Locations

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Group 1 – To Be a Demon
Group 2 – Org Browse
Group 3 – Demon Daze
Group 4 – Student IDs /Permits/Tour

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Group 1 – Org Browse
Group 2 – To Be a Demon
Group 3 – Student IDs /Permits/Tour
Group 4 – Demon Daze

12:00 PM
Group 1 & 2 – Pick up your boxed lunches and go back to your rooms to refresh and cool off

1:00 PM
Group 3 & 4 – Pick up your boxed lunches and go back to your rooms to refresh and cool off

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Group 1 – Demon Daze
Group 2 – Student IDs /Permits/Tour
Group 3 – To Be a Demon
Group 4 – Org Browse

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Group1 – Student IDs / Permits/Tour
Group 2 – Demon Daze
Group 3 – Org Browse
Group 4 – To Be a Demon

5:00 PM
Group 3 & 4 – Pick up your boxed dinners and go back to your rooms to refresh and cool off

6:00 PM
Group 1 & 2 – Pick up your boxed dinners and go back to your rooms to refresh and cool off

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
UPC Programming for all First Year Students

If the FYE staff is to revert to a virtual program for Freshman Connection 2.0 based on the recommendation and guidelines of the state, CDC and campus officials, a plan has been put in place that will still meet the needs of students. To Be a Demon will be pre-recorded with the assistance of the NSU Marketing department and Freshman Connectors. Students will be able to access the video via email, FYE webpage and NSU social media. The Organization/Resource Browse will turn into virtual formats with the assistance of the University Programming Council. First Year Students and Organization Representatives will be able to make their own avatars and virtually attend an org browse and interactive at live time. The agendas for Parking Permits and Student IDs will remain the same with assigned times.

All Demon Days events are currently under review. Sanitation guidelines are being instilled with each coordinated effort for all events and activities. Prior to all events, students will have their temperatures checked and will be requested to sign up via Eventbrite for any and all events they want to attend. If they do not register prior, they will have to register electronically before entering the event. At the end of all events, all items utilized in the production of the event will be sanitized and cleaned prior to being returned and/or brought back to the FYE office.  Demons Days events will start on Sunday, Aug. 16 with Convocation and continue for the first 42 days of schools.  All students will be mailed an event listing newsletter before coming to NSU in the fall.