Living and Learning during COVID-19

The health and welfare of Northwestern State University faculty, staff, students,
campus partners and visitors remain our highest priority.

Message from Faculty Senate/SGA 2021-07-26T13:24:09+00:00

Message from Faculty Senate/SGA

Campus Health and Safety Statement

Northwestern State University is guided by the safety of its faculty, staff, student body, and administration and its mission statement to provide an environment that is academically robust yet safe for those who work and study within its walls. As members of the Demon Family, we each have an obligation and commitment to one another to ensure that our campus and community remain a safe, welcoming environment for all. To continue living out that obligation during our return to campus this Fall, it is vital that we each do our part to help foster the health and safety of our campus. To this end, the Faculty Senate and the Student Government Association pledge to:

  • Observe social distancing requirements. Individuals need to maintain a six-foot space in classrooms, hallways (where possible), and in other community buildings.
  • Mask up! The face mask is a preventative measure for those who have caught the coronavirus and are asymptomatic. In the event of a health risk, where a mask endangers a person’s life, proper documentation will be required.
  • Maintain a rigorous and visible presence at handwashing stations around campus. Washing hands is one of the best ways of maintaining a Covid-19 free campus.
  • Be vigilant as far as the mental health of our campus is concerned. It is important to recognize that we are a community and are in this situation together.

We understand that we are living through incredibly difficult times, but it is critical that we, the Student Government Association and Faculty Senate of Northwestern State University, remain united and pledge to adhere to the guidelines that our institution, state, and nation have put into place. We must do so to continue to live out the mission of this university and to keep our fellow Demons safe.


Dr. John T. Dunn
Faculty Senate President

Tja’h Edwards
Student Government Association President