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Notice of Intent Form

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Notice of Intent to
Develop a Proposal for External Funding


Sponsoring Agency Deadline Date(s)

For Notice of Intent:

For Proposal:

(Note: If not previously established, this date should be ten working days prior to the sponsoring agency's deadline.)

Matching Funds:

CashIn-KindNone Required

Allowability of Indirect Cost Recovery:

YesNo (Provide policy to OSP)


NOTE: Submission of a completed “Notice of Intent” (NOI) is required before a proposal will be submitted to a funding agency. It should be submitted as soon as the faculty member makes the decision to develop the proposal, or as quickly as possible thereafter. This is a non-binding notification for the purpose of reserving time and services of OSP and other University offices required to review the proposal. It is understood that information in the NOI may change and/or that a full proposal may not result. OSP will use NOI information to help the applicant ensure that the proposal meets University requirements, is responsive to the sponsoring agency’s guidelines, and is submitted by the deadline. Only under exceptional circumstances will this policy be waived. Waiver requests must be submitted in writing and approved by the Provost.