St. Augustine Catholic Church 200th Anniversary and All Saints Day

On November 1, 2003, the Creole community of Isle Brevelle celebrated the 200th anniversary of St. Augustine Catholic church. The first chapel was established by patriarch Nicolas Augustin Metoyer in 1803, and the first church building was blessed and dedicated in 1829. The present church was built in 1917. Catholicism is one of the defining features of Creole culture, and St. Augustine Church provides the spiritual and social center of the Isle Brevelle community. In celebration of this important bicentennial, community members arrived using various modes of transportation and in dress reflecting different periods in the church's history. During the day, activities and demonstrations like filé making, quilting, and soap making called the historic community to mind. The event culminated with the annual Toussaints, All Saints, and All Souls Day observance and candlelight procession to the cemetery. All Saints Day is observed to remember the Communion of Saints and All Souls Day reinforces the sacred responsibility to pray for the repose of the souls of deceased family and community members.

[L-R] Tommy Roque, portraying Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer, and Terrel Delphin served as masters of ceremony for the event.

Arrival by barge reflected the importance of water transportation to the historic community.

Church members also arrived in mule-drawn covered wagons, vintage cars, bicycle, and on foot.

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Church members also arrived in mule-drawn covered wagons, vintage cars, bicycle, and on foot.

Pat Pichon and grandson Phoenix Pichon share a tri-cycle ride.

[L-R back] Breanna Metoyer, Louise Llorens, Lorita Metoyer;
[L-R front] Alainna Metoyer, Archie Metoyer, Marissa Metoyer.

[L-R] Nicol and Tanner Delphin, Mickey Moran and Nolan Jones.

Benedict LaCour, Jr. and Vera Severin

[L-R] Gerald Conant, Sheriff Victor Jones portraying the first sheriff of color in Louisiana.

David Dupre, Big Al Metoyer and Bernard Balthazar provided musical entertainment.

[L-R] Jim Llorens, Ernest Pichon, and Julia Brosette.

The celebration afforded church community members a chance to socialize and catch up with out of town visitors.

Louise Roque and Lizzie Metoyer demonstrate quilting.

Back view of the church and cemetery.

Altar server Breanna Metoyer leads the procession to the cemetery, followed by her aunts Jacqueline Metoyer and Laurie Metoyer.

Terrel Delphin placing candles on his family’s crypt.

Susie Brooks placing candles on headstones.

Dennis Morgan, Lillie Delphin, Terrel Delphin, Bernadine Delphin, Mary Delphin Bordenave, and Daphne Delphin.

The ceremony completed, community members gathered in small groups to remember those passed. The evening ended with a gumbo supper in the church hall.

Our appreciation goes to the staff of the Creole Heritage Center, who assisted in identifying participants in the day's events.