1st Gathering of Southeastern Indian Basketweavers

May 17 and 18, 2002
Northwestern State University,
Student Union Ballroom

The gathering was coordinated by Dr. Dayna Bowker Lee of the Louisiana Regional Folklife Program and Dr. H. F. Pete Gregory of the Department of Social Sciences and Williamson Museum. The gathering brought together weavers and tribal program administrators from throughout the Southeastern United States to talk about programs and projects that may benefit the preservation of traditional basketry in tribal communities. It also gave the artisans an opportunity to exchange ideas, to reconnect with old friends, and to make new ones. The gathering was sponsored by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the U. S. Forest Service. Assisting with the gathering were Stacy Fontenot, Projects Coordinator Department of Social Sciences, NSU; Rhonda Gauthier, Los Adaes Station/Regional Archaeology Program, NSU; Marque Nelson, Photographer and Webmaster for the Regional Folklife Program, NSU; Shawna Atkins, Intern for the Regional Folklife Program, NSU; and Josh Martin, NSU Anthropology Student, and Dustin Fuqua, Museum Aid for the Cane River Creole National Park.

Choctaw Eveline Steele signs in

Billy Cypress of the Florida Seminole Museum arrives

Linda Beletso and Lorraine Posada the Seminole Tribe

Odie Mae Anderson of the Mississippi Choctaw Tribe

Jena Choctaw Rose Fisher-Blassingame demonstrates Basketweaving

Lorraine Posada's daughter having fun

Stacy Fontenot and Rhonda Gauthier looking at baskets

Linda Beletso and granddaughter

Linda Beletso weaving baskets

Seminole Basketry

Linda Beletso with her daughter, Lorraine Posada with her daughter

Allen Bohnert, SE Regional Curator, NPS, looking at Choctaw Basketry

Guests discuss basket making

Rose Fisher, Tom Colvin, and Joyce Poncho discuss basketry

Mississippi Choctaw Basketry

Koasati Weavers Myrna Wilson, Joyce Poncho, Marjorie Battise, Lorena Langley

Pete Gregory talks about baskets with Allen Bohnert

Stacy, Dustin, Dayna Lee & Pete Gregory look at baskets

Seminole Baskets are very unique

Shawna Atkins looks at baskets

Dayna Lee and Pete Gregory with Patrick Dan of the Ms. Choctaw Culture Program

Billy Cypress with Eveline Steele

Marshall Gettys with others

Cherokee Peggy Brennan and Mark Brown of Lauren Rogers Museum

Pete Gregory gives some advice

Marshall's Choctaw Basket

Marshall exploring his basket

People checking out Marshall's Choctaw basket

Tom Colvin demonstrates Bayou LaCombe Choctaw basketry

Peggy Brennan, Marshall Gettys & Mary Herron of the Museum of the Red River

Scarlett Darden, John Paul Darden, Tom Colvin and Eveline Steele

Scarlett Darden making a Chitimacha basket

Lora Ann Chassion and Janie Luster and her daughter Ann Marie Luster demonstrate Houma half-hitch coil basketry

John Paul Darden, Scarlett Darden, Kimberly Walden and Melanie Aymond of the Chitimacha Tribe

Alan Dorian, U.S. Forest Service, purchases a Seminole basket

Scarlett Darden and John Paul Darden show Chitimacha basketry forms and designs

Charlie Viers, Lorena Langley, Dayna Lee, and Evelyn Alfaro with Koasati crafts

Allen Bohnert looks at Choctaw baskets

A great collection of Mississippi Choctaw baskets

More Choctaw baskets

Eveline Steele admires one of the Mississippi Choctaw baskets

Odie Mae Anderson continues to weave baskets

Houma basketweavers

Lorena Langely with her turkey baskets