Your decision to apply to NSU is the first step on your journey to becoming a NSU Demon and an important part of our great university. Not only will you find yourself surrounded by some of the state’s best students, but you’ll be learning from faculty who are dedicated to the art of teaching.

Minimum Admission Criteria

The full text of the following points are available on the “Admission To The University” section of our Student Catalog, which is available here. Click on a link below to jump to the relevant entry in the Catalog.

Click on one of the admission types below for the respective admission criteria.


Contact Us

Office of Admissions
175 Sam Sibley Drive
Student Services Center, Suite 235
Natchitoches, LA 71497
Phone: 318.357.4078
Toll-Free: 800.767.8115
FAX: 318.357.4660

Admissions Process

We want the admission process to be a smooth one for you, so we’ve prepared a list of different admission documents that we might need from you. Not all items below are required from every applicant, so please refer to the letter you receive in the mail to determine which requirement(s) you are missing at that time. The following are critical steps of the admission process, so click on each item for full information.