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If you need an ID you can visit any of our campuses – Natchitoches, Leesville, Shreveport – to take your picture and get your ID. You will need an official form of picture ID – a driver’s license, passport, state ID – to get your first student ID.

We are excited to welcome you to Northwestern State University and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – 318-357-5447 or email – and we will assist you in any way we can.

Meal Plans

Students residing on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. Freshmen are required to have one of the Board plans listed on the Sodexo website. Sophomore students (30 hours or above) and commuter students can choose from the meal plans listed on the Sodexo website. Students who do not select a meal plan in advance, will automatically be enrolled in the Default Meal Plan option.

Please call the One Card office with any questions regarding meal plans, meal plan enrollment or changes to your meal plan at 318-357-5131. Meal plans can be changed up to seven (7) business days after the beginning of the semester. After this time meal plans may be changed to higher level meal plan but not decreased to lower level meal plan.

Off Campus Residency/Campus Dining Exemptions

According to the Rules of the Board of Supervisors for State Colleges and Universities, an unmarried, full-time undergraduate student is required to live on campus if space is available, unless exempt by the University for good and reasonable cause.

The deadline for filing your Campus Dining Exemption is 7 (seven) days after the first day of class. For more information on the requirements for applying for either exemption, read the Off Campus Residency Rules or Campus Dining Exemption Rules. Please contact the NSU One Card office if you have any further questions about filing an exemption.

Speed Demon Account

A Speed Demon account is a debit account that utilizes your Northwestern ID card to provide a fast, safe and convenient way to make purchases on campus. A Speed Demon account is a free service provided to the students, faculty and staff of Northwestern State University. Speed Demon accounts are accepted at the Natchitoches, Shreveport, and Leesville campuses.


After you deposit money into your Speed Demon account, purchases made with your Speed Demon Card are deducted from your balance. As long as you have money in your Speed Demon account, you’ll enjoy convenient purchasing power without carrying cash. When you make a purchase, your remaining balance will be electronically displayed on the Northwestern portal, so you’ll always know how much money remains in the account. Please visit: access your account. Students will find Speed Demon dollars to be safer and more convenient than carrying cash for those on-campus purchases, including dining. No more fumbling for change or searching through wallets for cash, or waiting for credit card authorization.


Your Speed Demon card provides maximum security. Funds are deposited in your personal account and may only be used by you. Using your Speed Demon account reduces the risk of theft. If your card is lost or stolen, a call to the NSU One Card Office at 318-357-5131 will immediately stop access to your account until you find or replace your card.

Opening a Speed Demon Account

Bring your money to the cashier (3rd floor, Student Services Center) and indicate that you want to open a Speed Demon account. Then bring your receipt to the One Card Office and the money will be applied to your NSU ID. Personal checks, money orders, Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Deposits are available for immediate use. If you have questions about a Speed Demon account, please contact us.

Closing Your Speed Demon Account

Your Speed Demon account can be closed when you cease to be a student or employee of NSU.  Any refund will be paid by check through normal University procedures. A refund will be given to any student that graduates or properly resigns/withdraws from NSU. NSU reserves the right to close any account that is inactive for more than (12) twelve months.  NSU also reserves the right to apply any funds remaining in your Speed Demon account to any unpaid balances owed to the University.  To request a refund from your Speed Demon account, simply download the Speed Demon Account Closure form, (available in the “Forms” section of our website) complete the form in its entirety, and bring it to our office.

Checking Your Speed Demon Account Balance

You can obtain your Speed Demon Account balance 2 ways:

  1. Check your MyNSU page. To check your balance on the NSU Portal, simply visit MyNSU and log in to your account.
  2. Come by the NSU Speed Demon Office in person and request an account statement.

You may make a deposit to your Speed Demon account by:

  1. Taking your deposit to the University Cashier, 3rd Floor, Student Services Center.
  2. Utilizing the Card Systems Loading Station located in the main lobby of the Shreveport Nursing Campus, and in the Leesville Campus Library.

NSU accepts the following forms of payment to make a deposit into your Speed Demon account:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • MasterCard/Visa
  • Money Orders

If by credit card, please include the number, expiration date and cardholder number and the three-digit security code on the back of the credit card.  If by check, please include student I.D. number on the face of the check and make check payable to Northwestern State University.  Account statements may be requested in person at the One Card Office.  Speed Demon accounts are debit accounts only.  Cash may not be withdrawn until separation from the University.  For students who wish to give permission to disclose account information to a third party Consent To Disclose Student Information Forms are available in the One Card Office.

Register To Vote

Students can register to vote by coming to the One Card office on the 3rd Floor of the Student Services Center. The One Card office will then mail in the form. You can also click on the link provided that will take you to the Secretary of State’s website where you can register online.

Bank of Montgomery
Collegiate Checking Account

NSU has partnered with Bank of Montgomery to provide Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit) of your financial aid refunds and student worker payroll into the checking or savings account of your choice. This is a safe, convenient and fast way to receive your refunds. One simple form is all you need to fill out and return to our office. We must have an original form and voided blank check to process your direct deposit information. We cannot accept faxed or emailed copies of this form. (This form is available in the FORMS section of our website).

The NSU I.D. Card, known as the One Card, features an additional function as a debit card. NSU has partnered with Bank of Montgomery to provide this service.  Bank of Montgomery will have representatives on campus for each Freshmen Connection for new students and during fee payment week and other designated times for returning students.

The One Card continues to serve students as the official NSU I.D. card, provide access to computer labs, serve as the meal plan card for Sodexo, and provide access to student activities and other events.  Your NSU I.D. also includes Debit Card Functionality if you have a Bank of Montgomery Collegiate Checking Account.  If you have questions or would like more information, visit the NSU One Card Office or any Bank of Montgomery Branch Office for more details.

Bank of Montgomery Collegiate Checking Account Includes:

  • No Minimum to Open
  • No Minimum Balance to Maintain
  • $2.00 Monthly Service Charge**
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Free online banking and Bill Pay
  • Free BOM Mobile App
  • Linked to NSU ID Card to provide Debit Card Functionality for convenience
  • Same day direct deposit of NSU Financial Aid and Student refunds
  • Direct Deposit available

**Online statement activation required to avoid $2.00 fee. See a BOM representative for more information.

BOM Banking Services Contract & One Card ID Co-Branding Information

Northwestern State University (NSU) is contracted with Bank of Montgomery (BOM) to provide banking services, co-branded ID cards and Collegiate Checking Account services to all NSU students. In compliance with DOE CFR §668.164(e)(2)(viii) and (f)(4)(v), NSU is publishing the following information for students to review regarding the University’s banking services contract, T2 level One Card ID co-branding relationship and BOM student accountholder information:

Number of Student Accountholders:

Mean & Median Student Costs Incurred:
During calendar year 2019, students with an NSU Collegiate Checking Account incurred a median cost of $0 and a mean cost of $22.

BOM/NSU Banking Services Contract:

BOM/NSU Contracted Monetary Consideration:

BOM/NSU Contracted Non-Monetary Consideration:
NSU has no contracted non-monetary consideration with BOM.