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The primary goal of this office is to help students excel within their academic curriculum by providing on-campus employment resources and professional development opportunities.

Types of Employment

Federal Work-Study Program (FWS)
Only those students eligible for Title IV federal aid may be employed through this program. The Federal Work -Study Program provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students who qualify. The university determines the number of hours based on financial need. Students will be automatically considered for a work-study position if they select on the FAFSA they are interested in work-study and if they meet the May 1 priority deadline.  Work Study Job Description: Student will assist in a variety of office and customer service tasks such as answering the phone, greeting and assisting customers, making copies, filing, data entry, ordering supplies, and other duties as needed.

NSU Employment Scholarship
Students are awarded an on-campus position by the University Scholarship Committee. Students employed under NSU Employment Scholarship must meet the enrollment requirements set forth in the scholarship award letter.

General Student Employment
Students awarded through self-generated revenue departments and departmental positions that require special job skills such as tutoring, computer programming, life guarding, and night/weekend hours. All student employees hired through self-generated revenue departments must be paid out of that department’s own funding. The student employee is not eligible to also be paid by means of federal funding.

All student employees must be enrolled in at least 6 hours for a fall/spring semester and at least 3 hours for a summer semester or be pre-registered for the following fall semester. Enrollment for all student employees will be verified before the start of each pay period and when making new job assignments.

Employment Forms

The following 6 forms are required of all new student employees before employment begins and the originals must be submitted to the Office of Student Employment:

Contact Us

Office of Student Employment
234 Student Services Center
Northwestern State University
Natchitoches, LA 71497
Phone: (318) 357-5474
Toll-Free: 800.823.3008
FAX: (318) 357-6587
Office Hours: Monday—Thursday: 8:00 a.m.—4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m.—12:00 Noon

How To Apply

Federal Work-Study Program
Each year a student must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and all other required NSU financial aid forms. Priority deadline is May 1st.

NSU Employment Scholarship

An in-coming freshman student must complete the scholarship application by the December 1 or March 1 priority deadlines in their senior year of high school.

General Student Employment

Students who are not eligible for Federal Work-Study and who have not been awarded NSU Employment Scholarship may apply for general student employment. Below are a few departments that students may apply directly with:

Student Technology (Computer Labs): Watson Library, Room 113
Academic Center Tutors: Student Union, 2nd floor
WRAC (Wellness Recreation Activity Center)

Off-Campus Student Employment
The Job Location & Development Office is a free job-service for students looking for off-campus student employment. Their office is located on the 3rd floor in the Student Union.

General Forms

Payroll Schedules

In order for student employees to get paid in a timely manner, it is very important that they maintain their payroll mailing address and direct deposit information with the Office of Student Employment. When a student moves or changes/closes bank accounts, they need to notify the Office of Student Employment immediately.


Student employees can check their pay stubs through myNSU

  1. In your web browser go to .
  2. Click myNSU link.
  3. Login with current student Login and Password.
  4. Click the Connect Icon.
  5. Choose Pay Information under Employee tab.
  6. Select the Pay Stub option.
  7. Choose current year and click Display for pay stub selection.

Supervisor In-Service Training

Important Reminders:

  • Students must have all employment paperwork completed before they are approved by the Student Employment Office to start work.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.
  • Students cannot work over their assigned hours without permission from the Student Employment Office.
  • Students cannot work more than 29 hours per week.
  • International students (on F1/J1 Visa) cannot work more than 20 hours per week.
  • Students can only have one on-campus job at a time.
  • Students may not work during scheduled class time even if the class gets out early or is cancelled.
  • Students must sign in and out for each day worked.
  • Supervisors must maintain copies of sign in/out sheets on each student for 5 years after student’s job assignment ended.
  • Each department is required to conduct a new student employee orientation.
  • Students should not study or do homework while on the job. Some exceptions may apply (e.g. if they are working a front desk and are not assisting others at the time).
  • Each student employee is required by state law to receive ethics training each calendar year.
  • Each student employee is required by state law to receive preventing sexual harassment training each calendar year.
  • Each student employee is required by state law to receive Blood Borne Pathogens training.
  • Each student employee is required by state law to receive Defensive Driving training.
  • Each student employee is required by state law to receive Active Shooter training.

I certify that I have reviewed and understood all of the Supervisor Information posted on this site. I agree to follow the policies and if I have questions I will contact the Student Employment Office. I understand that if my department does not comply with the policies that the Student Employment Office has the right to remove some or all student employees from my department.