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Effective August 1, 2017

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The operation of a vehicle on the campus of Northwestern state University is a privilege granted by the institution. Serious and/or excessive traffic citations will result in the loss of this privilege. All regulations are oriented toward eliminating as much moving traffic as possible on campus as traffic is a prime source of danger to the safely of our campus population.

The University Police Officers are commissioned by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and the City of Natchitoches. They are authorized to enforce all state statutes, city ordinances, and university nJles and regulations. Northwest­ern assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on this campus.

Vehicle Registration

NSU requires any person affiliated with the university by means of employment, enrollment, work contract or work site, or other affiliation deemed appropriate by the university to register with the university and secure a parking permit to operate a vehicle on university property. Affiliated persons must obtain a temporary parking pass in the event their registered vehicle is inoperable and they must use a vehicle owned by a non-affiliated person. See the Temporary Parking Pass section of this document for more information. Non-affiliated persons are not authorized to secure a perking permit.

Visitors must secure a temporary parking pass from University Police before operating a vehicle on campus, except when attending events such as theatrical performances and sporting events hosted by the university. For more Information on securing a visitor parking pass, see the Visitor Parking section of this document. Visitor parking is available in PAS near University Police.

Parking permits will be issued upon presentation of proof of payment from the Cashier’s Office and completion of a vehicle registration application which requires the operator to provide the vehicle registration, proof of insurance, license plate data, and proof of affiliation with the university ID University Police at the time of issue of the permit This information will be retained by University Police for three (3) years. Parking permits are valid for one academic year ONLY and may be used only on the vehicle registered with University Police. Issuance of a parking permit does not guarantee an available parking space.

Permit Display

Parking Permits must be displayed in the proper manner. standing outside, facing the back of your vehicle, the permit must be affixed ID the outside back windshield In the lower right hand comer (passenger side). Persons who receive a parking ticket for not displaying a parking permit will not have the option of appealing the ticket. It is the registrant’s responsibility to property display the parking permit on the registered vehicle being operated on campus.

If your parking permit is lost. or stolen, you must notify University Police immediately. ANY and ALL tickets issued to a parking permit will be charged to the registrant until the date parking permit is reported lost or stolen. There is a $10 replacement fee for the parking permit.

Parking Regulations

Zoned Parking

1.       Handicapped parking.  Handicapped parking is designated at specific locations throughout the campus and indicated by blue paint and handicapped signs.  These zones are in effect 24 hours per day. ONLY those vehicles bearing both a valid NSU HANDICAPPED permit and a handicapped license plate or parking tag issued by a Slate Motor Bureau are authorized ID park in these areas. All vehicles without proper identification displayed will be ticketed and may be towed at owner/registrant’s expense.

2.       Zone parking assignments. The following zone parking assignments are in effect from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Thursday and 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Friday. Any authorized vehicle with a valid permit may be parked In any non-handicapped space at all other times. The parking zones correspond to the types of permits issued. Motorcycles with a valid MOTOR­CYLE permit maybe parked in any zone. Parking Zones are illustrated on the Northwestern State University parking map, which is color coded to denote the type of permit(s) allowed in each parking area during zone parking times. Signs are posted on each parking area to help you know the zone designation of each lot.

A.      FACULTY/STAFF ZONE (Black): Only vehicles with FACULTY/STAFF parking permits may park In these areas during zone parking hours. Areas include PA6B, PA10, PA12, PA16D, PA19A, PA24, PA25A, PA28, PASUN, PASUW and portions of areas PA17, PA26A, and PA27 as designated by paint and/or signage. Some of these areas require card access issued only to designated faculty and staff.

B.      RESIDENT ZONE:  Only vehicles with UNIVERSITY COLUMNS (Red), UNIVERSITY PLACE (Orange), or VARNADO {Green) parking permits may park in these areas during zoned parking hours. Residents are encouraged to use the parking area{s) nearest their designated living area. Parking areas include PA6C, PA25U, PA31, and PA32.

C.      COMMUTER ZONE (Purple):  Only vehicles with COMMUTER parking permits may park in these areas during zoned parking hours. Areas include PA7, PA8, PA9, PA11, PA19B, PA26B, PA30 and the portions of lots PA4, PA26A and PA27 not designated for FACULTY/STAFF.

D.      LOUISIANA SCHOOL ZONE (Blue): Only vehicles with LOUISIANA SCHOOL parking permits may park in areas PA14, PA20, and PA29.

3.       Timed zones.

A.   The front area of Roy Hall and the circle drive in front of Iha Student Union have been designated as 30 minute Timed Zones. These areas are designated for visitors, students, or faallly/staff that are conducting business in 1he adjacent buildings, and should not be used by employees of those buildings.

B.      Several timed spaces in the circle in front of Sabine Hall, near Iberville Dining Hall, are designated for non-University Place residents to park while eating in Iberville. Those spaces should not be used by vehicles with UNIVERSITY PLACE permits.

4.       Open (Un-zoned) Areas.  Parking areas not designated in one of the above zones or otherwise designated by signage are available for any ragls1Bred vehicle 24 hours per day. Areas include PA5, PA5B, PA13, PA15, PA16, PA16B, PA16C, PA18, PA22, PA25L, PA33 and the portions of lots PA3, PA17, and PA23 not designated for FACULTY/STAFF.

Parking Violations and Enforcement


A.      Not registered – vehicle not displaying a current NSU parking permit, or improper display of parking permit.

B.      Wrong Zone – parking in a zone other than designated by permit type.

C.      No Parking Zone – parking in area designated by yellow paint, a control sign, absence of parking space, or in area blocking a fire hydrant.

D.      Restricted Area – parking on dirt/grass area or other areas not designated for parking of vehicles.

E.       Handicapped Zone – parking in handicapped space without corresponding permit and license and/or parking tag; vehicle may be towed at owner/registrant’s expense.

F.       Timed Zone – over parked in specific timed zone.

G.      Improper Use of Parking Permit – loaning, selling, or purchasing an NSU parking permit to or for a non-affiliated person.


3.       The University reserves the right to tow, to impound, and/or to immobilize a vehicle:

A.      Found on campus without a current parking permit.

B.      Illegally parked.

C.      Abandoned on campus for 10 days or more.

D.      With unauthorized or altered parking permit.

E.       Parked in such a way to constitute a hazard to either vehicle of pedestrian traffic.

F.       That impedes the movement and operation of vehicle traffic and/or emergency equipment.

G.      Parked in Handicapped Zone without handicapped license or parking plate.

H.       Located on campus after being banned and driving privileges suspended.

4.       The owner/registrant will be responsible for all costs involved in towing, immobilizing, impounding and/or storing of vehicle

5.       Students who fail to comply with NSU Vehicle Regulations will be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct (IV.7.1, IV.7.2)

Temporary Parking Passes

Temporary Parking Passes for students, faculty, and staff are available in the event their registered vehicle is inoperable and they must use a vehicle owned by a non- affiliated person (rental car, grandparent’s vehicle, etc) while ii is being repaired. The NSU affiliated person who registered the vehicle may obtain a Temporary Parking Pass for the non-affiliated person’s vehicle for the period of repairs, not to exceed sixty {60) days by providing written evidence of the necessity for repairs (repair estimate from service station or body shop). The University Police Department will verify that the vehicle being repaired is regis­tered at NSU and then provide the Temporary Parking Pass for the duration of the repair or sixty (60) days which every is less. In the event repairs take longer than expected another pass may be granted, if approved by the Chief of Police. Temporary parking passes end/or Placards must be prominently displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle for the duration of the repairs to the registered vehicle.

Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking Passes are available during weekday normal operating hours of 7:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The procedure for obtaining visilDr passes is ouUined below, based on the size of the group involved. Visitor parking passes and/or placards must be prominenVy displayed on Iha dashboard of the visitor’s vehicle for the duration of their stay on campus.

1.       For One-day Individual or Small Group Visitors:  Visitors must report to the University Police Department upon arrival on campus to request and obtain a Temporary Parking Pass for the day.

2.       For Multi-day Individual or Small Group Visitors: Please inform Mrs. Donna Anderson, University Police, of the name(s), purpose, on-campus visit location, and the duration of the stay via e-mail ( for any multi-day individual or small group visitors so that passes can be prepared in advance.  Visitors and guests must report to the University Police Department upon arrival on campus to obtain a Temporary Parking Pass for the duration of the event.

3.       For One-day or Multi-day Large Group Visitors (conferences, symposia, special events, etc): Please inform Mrs. Donna Anderson, University Police, of the name(s), purpose, on-campus visit location, and the duration of the stay via e-mail ( for any large groups visiting campus.  In coordination with Donna, a special parking pass placard can be developed for the group, which can be presented to the visitors when they sign in for the event.

Should a Visitor receive a parking ticket during the course of their official visit to campus, he/she should take the ticket to University Police.  University Police will ask the visitor to submit a Parking Ticket Appeal indicating that they were a legitimate visitor.  University Police will ensure that the Parking Appeals Committee is informed of the situation with regard visitor tickets.

Traffic Regulations

Traffic (moving) regulations on the campus conform to the traffic ordinances of the City of Natchitoches and the State of Louisiana.  The speed limit on campus is 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. Tarleton Drive and Jefferson Street have 25 miles per hour speed limits, as well.   The speed limit between traffic beacons is 15 miles per hour when flashing.  All motor equipped cycles are limited to street use ONLY, and must adhere to vehicle traffic and parking regulations.

Caldwell Drive is designated as a one-way, east bound street from the point where it intersects with the main entrance to Parking Area 3 (PA 3) to Caldwell Drive’s intersection with Jefferson Street.  The boulevard portion of Central Avenue at the Main Gate, creates a one-way traffic in both directions. A portion of Parking Area 20 (PA 20),  the Caddo Lot, is one-way as designated by signs.  Demon Drive, at the Field House, is one-way.

Appeals Process for Moving and Parking Tickets

Faculty, Staff, and Students who receive a Ticket, issued by University Police, may appeal the ticket in an attempt to have the Ticket voided by the Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee.  The Appeals Committee meets regularly each month during the Fall and Spring Semesters to review Appeals.

The Appeals Process:

Step 1.  Submit your Appeal. Should you wish to appeal a ticket, report to the University Police Station on Caspari Street and request an Appeals Form (see Attachment    ).  Complete the Appeals Form and turn it in at the Station.  It is critical that you succinctly state your case for voiding the Ticket and provide evidence backing up your reason for the Appeal.  Photographic information, written statements by witnesses, and other substantiating information will improve your chances of winning your Appeal.

Please note the date, time, and location of the Appeals Committee noted on the Appeals Form, which indicates when your Appeal will be reviewed.

Step 2:  Appeals Committee Meeting.  The Committee will review and accept written or oral responses by the Ticketed individual and any witnesses regarding all Appeals for the period subsequent to its regularly scheduled Meeting.   NOTE:  Appearance before the Appeals Committee, with the aforementioned substantiating information will afford you the best opportunity void your Ticket.

Step 3:  Appeals Committee Decision.  After reviewing and/or hearing information regarding the Appeal, it will excuse those presenting information orally and deliberate.  Ultimately, a decision will be made by voice vote.  A majority vote of the quorum present will determine the outcome.  The Chairperson will only vote to break a tie.

Step 4.  Documentation of Appeals Decision.  The Committee Chair will prepare the necessary paperwork to void any successful Appeals which resulted in the Ticket being voided by the Committee.  The fines for each voided ticket will be removed from that individual’s account.  Appeals which were denied will be so recorded.  The final decision by the Committee will be recorded on the Appeals Form.

Step 5.  Notification of the Committee’s Decision.  A copy of the Appeals Form with the Committee’s decision noted will be mailed to the appealing individual and will serve as notification of the result of Appeals Process.

Vehicle Registration Fees

First Yehicle for Academic Year (August 31)

Each Additional Vehicle (Any period)



*Note. The ablllty to purchae a aecond, third, or fourth vehlcle reglatradon sticker is for the exclusive use of the individual owner of their vehicles. The reduced fee for each subllequentvehlcle registration does not allow lndlvldu- ala of dlll’9rent households to purchae an addltlonal raglatradon for another lndlvldual almply to reduce the cost to both. In other words, Mary Smith cannot purchaN a registration for Jana Doe, so that each only pays $27.50 for their $45.00 registration.

Fines for Parking Violations

(Note: These fines are subject to change without notice.)

Not Registered/ Improper Display
Wrong Zone

No Parking Zone

Timed Zone

Service Vehicle Parking Zone

Restricted Zone

Handicapped Zone

Improper Use of Parking Permit









*Loaning, selling, or purchasing an NSU parking permit for a non-affiliated person will result in the $150.00 fine and may lead to action by Judicial Affairs.

Fines for Traffic (Moving) Violations

Driving around/through a barricade

Expired license plate Failure to yield   

Failure to use turn signal      

No proof of vehicle registration

Expired vehicle inspection sticker 

Passing in a no passing zone/double yellow line

Making a U-turn       

Operating vehicle on sidewalk or grassy area   

Driving wrong direction on one-way street

Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk 


Failure to stop for stop sign/red light

Loud music/excessive noise

Failure to obey instructions of a university police officer

Reckless operation of a vehicle

SPEEDING: 1-15 mph*
16-25 mph*
26 mph or higher*

(*State Citations may also be issued)


















Individuals who commit three parking violations in an academic year will be reassigned to STADIUM PARKING ONLY and be subject to towing upon further violations. Six parking violations in an academic year will result in SUSPENSION OF PRIVLEDGES AND THE VEHICLE BANNED FROM CAMPUS. Violation of parking rules is the sole responsibility of the registrant and penalties apply EVEN IF NO TICKET WAS FOUND ON THE VEHICLE.


The University Police Office will adjudicate moving violations committed by faculty, staff, and students of NSU. Moving violations committed by all others will be referred to the City Court. Individuals who commit three moving violations in an academic year will have PRIVLEDGES SUSPENDED AND VEHICLE BANNED FROM CAMPUS.

Parking Areas

Number Zone Description
PA 2 All Green Space
PA 3 All Warren Easton
PA 4 Commuter & Faculty/Staff Russell
PA 5 All South Varnado
PA 5B All Fine Arts North (Gravel)
PA 6A Varnado North Varnado
PA 6B Faculty/Staff NCPTI/Univ. Police
PA 7 Commuter Natatorium
PA 8 Commuter Morrison / Family and Consumer Sciences
PA 9 Commuter Fine Arts West
PA 10 Faculty/Staff Fine Arts East
PA 11 Commuter East Campus / Print Shop
PA 12 Faculty/Staff Roy Hall
PA 13 All WRAC
PA 14 LSMSA Prudhomme
PA 15 All Caspari
PA 16 All Prather Coliseum
PA 16B All Softball/Soccer
PA 16C All Track
PA 16D Faculty/Staff Field House
PA 17 All – Faculty/Staff North and South Halls
PA 18 All Bossier Hall
PA 19A Faculty/Staff Business Affairs South
PA 19B Commuter Business Affairs West
PA 20 LSMSA Caddo Hall
PA 22 All Library
PA 23 Faculty/Staff Library West
PA 24 Faculty/Staff Bienvenue West and South
PA 25L All Lower Big Lot
PA 25U University Place Upper Big Lot
PA 25A Faculty/Staff Back of Iberville
PA 25B Faculty/Staff Side of Sabine
PA 26A Commuter – Faculty/Staff HHP Front
PA 26B Commuter HHP Back
PA 27 Commuter – Faculty/Staff TEC South
PA 28 Faculty/Staff TEC West
PA 29 LSMSA Louisiana School
PA 30 Commuter Williamson Hall
PA 31 University Columns University Columns
PA 32 University Place University Place
PA 33 All Fraternity Row
PA SUN Faculty/Staff Student Union North
PA SUW Faculty/Staff Student Union West