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The primary mission of the Northwestern State University, Office of Student Activities is to provide services and promote activities that are responsive to the physical, social, recreational, and educational development of the students, faculty and alumni through programs and services conducted by members and committees of the Office of Student Activities.

The Office of Student Activities adheres to a philosophy that attempts to meet students at respective developmental stages and assist them in their personal goals, and spiritual, physical, career, social, and academic growth. Therefore, the Office of Student Activities delivers programs, services and activities in order for students to learn better communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills; experience enhanced self esteem through self appraisal and values clarification; experience healthy life styles, selection of career goals, and independence; and learn social responsibility through service.

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Department of Student Activities, Organizations, & Leadership Development
Sylvan Friedman Student Union, Rm. 214
NSU Box 5274
Natchitoches, LA 71497
Phone: 318.357.6511
Fax:  318.357.4545