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Northwestern State University is the home of eNSU, Louisiana’s first electronic campus. Founded in 1884, Northwestern State University of Louisiana has met educational needs with quality academic programming for 137 years. Today, eNSU offers accommodating class schedules, personalized instruction, military benefits, and financial aid to those who qualify.

Why eNSU?


What Our Students Say

Without eNSU, I would not be in school. There is no way we could afford the daycare alone, much less the personal sacrifice of being away from my girls for so many hours a week. The closest university where I could earn an MA in English is an hour drive, one way, through Atlanta traffic. The plan was always for me to earn my MA (and eventually my PhD), but when the economy took a turn for the worse, it became urgent. I need this degree to get out of the part-time job I have at the library and into a higher paying job at the local college. eNSU is not only convenient–the faculty teaching the classes are top notch… My future, and the future of my sweet children, is filled with possibility thanks in large part to eNSU.
eNSU has helped me achieve my goals by allowing me to be a full-time student at home. I have the opportunity to work full-time and care for my family. I seriously do not know what I would do without eNSU. I am also thankful for being able to take online classes with such an amazing university especially because it offers ALL classes needed to graduate and earn your degree, without having to worry about which classes will not be offered a certain semester. That is why I am a student at NSU. Thank you!
eNSU has allowed me to have a full time job at a school while still being able to graduate in December with my Bachelors Degree. Because internet courses allowed me to work, when I graduate I can get a job as a teacher in my district since I already work so hard for them now! At 29, my lifelong goal to be a teacher will finally become a reality because of eNSU!