New Media, Journalism, & Communication Arts

New Media, Journalism, & Communication Arts

New Media, Journalism, & Communication Arts

New Media, Journalism, & Communication Arts

New Media, Journalism, & Communication Arts 2019-03-20T10:00:48+00:00

We are assaulted daily by thousands of messages. Some are good and delivered well and some we ignore. It depends on the quality of the communication. In life, those who communicate best usually achieve more. Fortunately, communications skills can be taught. That’s what we do best.

Students pursuing a degree in Communication polish speaking, writing and multimedia skills through experiences in and out of the classroom. Innovative courses prepare students for hundreds of jobs that require a foundation of communication skills. TV anchors, radio show hosts, bloggers, photojournalists, graphic designers, social media managers, speech writers, public relations specialists, reporters and scores of others all rise according to their communications skills.

Faculty members with professional experience lead students in class and student media activities. In addition, our internships prepare students for the workforce as they apply skills learned on campus in work settings.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in Communication at NSU puts you in the inside lane on the race track for your tomorrow. Ask us about the exciting opportunities awaiting you in a Communication major or minor. Available concentrations include Strategic Communication, Broadcast and Digital Media Production and Multimedia Journalism.

Strategic Communication: Encompassing organizational communication and public relations, this concentration offers a course of study for students to learn how individuals and organizations use communication and media to deliver messages to targeted audiences. Courses will focus on how organizations and media influence opinions and the behavior of key publics. The curriculum will emphasize an ethical approach and will analyze societal effects of strategic communication practices.

Broadcast and Digital Media Production: Students will learn to create, produce, and disseminate broadcast media of varied genres and styles. The knowledge and skills learned will prepare students for broadcast media and broadcast production careers in industries such as television, radio, film, videos, and Web delivery. Through hands-on instruction, students learn to research, write, produce, and direct media rich content.

Multimedia Journalism: Informing the public through accurate and well-written stories remains at the core of journalism. Beyond the basics of reporting and writing, journalists today must adapt to changing technologies and become proficient in multimedia storytelling – combining text with images, sounds, videos, and graphics to reach diverse audiences. This concentration will prepare students for varied journalism careers in media industries such as newspapers, magazines, Web, and social media.

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Department of New Media, Journalism, and Communication Arts
239 Kyser Hall
Northwestern State University
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71497
Phone: (318) 357-5360

Current Sauce: 357-5456
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All students are encouraged to consult with a departmental adviser prior to enrolling each semester. The department will assign a faculty or staff member for each student. Students will find their adviser’s name on NSU’s DegreeWorks. For questions or assistance with advising, please, contact or call 318-357-5360.

For general planning purposes, please, see the Major Requirement Checklist below. The University Catalog provides course descriptions and other academic requirements. Please, see page 76 for the Department of New Media, Journalism, and Communication Arts.

Annual Events

J-DAY: November 2, 2018, from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Journalism Day, or J-Day, is an annual half-day event that provides high school students with the opportunity to meet industry professionals and participate in competitions that test skills in new media, journalism, and communication. Attendees also attend discussion panels hosted by faculty, alumni, current students, and visiting communication professionals in addition to touring campus facilities and learning about potential careers in the new media, journalism, and communication fields.

For more information:

Past J-Day events: (2016) (2017) (2017) (2017)


Gallery Show: April 7 – 28, 2019
Reception: April 17, 2019  •  4:30 – 7 PM
Finalist Panel: April 22, 2019 • 4 – 5 PM

All Events in Hanchey Gallery, Northwestern State University Natchitoches, LA 71457

The New Media Student Showcase is an annual gallery exhibition featuring photography from students, faculty, and alumni of the Department of New Media, Journalism, and Communication Arts.

For more information:

Past NMSS events:

Communication Internships

Internships are a vital part of a Communication Degree at Northwestern State University. Students are required to complete at least one professional internship before graduation.

Requirements for enrolling in COMM 4910 Communication Internship are:

  • Junior or senior standing
  • Overall minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Permission of instructor at an approved internship site
  • Maximum of 9 hours of concurrent enrollment

Recent Graduates

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Name Job Title Office Phone Address
David Antilley Manager/Director NSU TV 318-357-4417 104A Kyser Hall
Kenneth Burns Student Media Coordinator 318-357-5364 225E Kyser Hall
Bob Condor Assistant Professor of Sports Media 318-357-5572 237D Kyser Hall
Dr. Jon Croghan Associate Professor 318-357-5363 237B Kyser Hall
Arthur Dew Instructor 318-357-5572 225F Kyser Hall
Dorian Elaine Eaton Instructor 318-357-5360 237D Kyser Hall
Dr. Paula Furr Professor and Department Head 318-357-6166 239E Kyser Hall
Dr. Ron McBride Instructor 318-357-5360 239 Kyser Hall
Stephen Merrill Assistant Professor 318-357-5666 237C Kyser Hall
Jerry Pierce Assistant Professsor, Vice President for External Affairs 318-357-6588 103 Prather Coliseum
TBA Administrative Assistant 318-357-5360 239 Kyser Hall
Dr. Brian Gabrial Wise Endowed Chair in Journalism 318-357-5366 225H Kyser Hall
Thomas Whitehead Professor Emeritus  318-357-5360  239D Kyser Hall
 Emily Zering  Instructor  318-357-5365  237C Kyser Hall