Residential students can seek shelter at Iberville Dining Hall

· · Residential students can seek shelter at Iberville Dining Hall

With intermittent power outages and running water issues affecting residence halls on the main campus of Northwestern State University, residential students who are without power can report to Iberville Dining Hall, which is powered by a generator.

Students who are residents of Varnado Hall, University Columns, University Place 1 and University Place 2 who are without power and seek shelter at Iberville should bring pillows, blankets, medication, phone chargers and other items in preparation to stay for several hours.  Masks are required and students should observe social distancing guidelines.

Students who choose to remain in their residence halls without power are advised to use caution in regards to health and safety. Using candles or other open flames is strictly prohibited.

According to the City of Natchitoches, water pressure will remain low or possibly zero for several days and the city is currently under a full system boil advisory. Residents should boil water for 1 full minute before consuming it. Those who do have water should conserve it.

The electrical outages in the City of Natchitoches are expected to continue for the next 36 to 48 hours as tree limbs continue to fall and as ice builds up on power lines. Residents should be prepared for no power as City of Natchitoches crews are working as fast as conditions will allow.

In the event of an emergency, students should call University Police at (318) 471-4184 or (318) 357-5431.

Residential students can also contact the RA on call as follows:

University Columns RA on Call – (318) 663-7992

University Place 1 RA on call – (318) 471-0551

University Place 2 RA on call – (318) 471-0179

Varnado Hall RA on call – (318) 471-3382

Updates will be posted at and on the university’s social media platforms as it becomes available.




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