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Choose to live as an artist among artists in our Creative & Performing Arts Residential College located at Varnado Hall.

Northwestern State’s newest Living Learning Community understands the needs of artists and provides an environment designed to enhance the creative exploration artists need to grow and thrive.

Life in Varnado Hall gives you

  • 24 hour studio spaces
  • opportunities to meet and workshop with visiting artists
  • flexible performance and exhibition spaces
  • wifi throughout the facility
  • 24 hour computer lab
  • courses designed especially for CAPA Residential College students
  • recording studio space
  • close proximity to the Creative and Performing Arts Complex
  • extracurricular opportunities tailored for students in the arts
  • staff and faculty who understand the demands of CAPA students
  • a supportive community of fellow artists

To choose a future in Varnado Hall, indicate your interest on the Housing Application and the Faculty Rector will contact you with more information regarding the CAPA Residential College.