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What to Expect During the Housing Application Process for Fall 2018:

January – March

Housing applications went live on January 9th. Once your application is received along with the required fees, you will be contacted by a member of the Leasing Staff regarding your housing assignment for Fall. You can expect contact within 8-10 business days after your application is received in the Housing Office.

April and May

A member of the Leasing Staff will contact you about signing your lease and selecting roommates.

University Columns and Varnado Hall – applicants will receive a link via email with instructions on how to access the housing portal to sign their lease, select their unit and choose roommate(s)

University Place – applicants will receive a lease via email and a link to the Roommate Questionnaire. Leasing staff will match roommates and notify applicants of their roommate(s)

A Roommate Connections Guide will be posted on the website to provide tips on how to connect with your roommates for the Fall and suggestions on what to discuss as roommates before move-in.

What To Bring Guide will be posted on the website that will provide information about your residential community and what to bring for your apartment/room.


Move-In Tips will be posted on the website.


Renter’s Insurance information will be posted on the website outlining options to protect your belongings in case of an incident.

Early Arrival Information – If you need to arrive early to campus as part of a special group or athletic team, information for scheduling an early arrival will be posted on the website.


Our Move –In Day Guide will be posted on the website that gives important information that will include when to arrive, where to check-in and what services will be available on move-in day.