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Faculty & Staff Resources

A prospective online adjunct faculty member submits application documents via the “Adjunct Employment Opportunities” website. Application documents include cover letter, vita/resume, and copy of transcripts in .pdf format.

All submitted application documentation is transferred to the appropriate academic department for review.

Your application will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review. If the application is approved you will be placed in the respective department’s adjunct faculty pool. You will then be contacted by the academic department as adjunct teaching positions become available.

Please note that being placed in the adjunct faculty pool does not ensure employment. Since enrollment varies from semester-to-semester, teaching positions are assigned on an as needed basis; and, instructors are notified as assignments become available.

If selected to teach a course, the academic department will contact the potential adjunct faculty member to discuss the employment contract.

The applicant will then proceed with the instructions provided in the Adjunct Introductory Resources & Information Toolkit.

The academic department provides all academic support and course materials.

The Office of Electronic and Continuing Education provides technical assistance as requested.

All class record keeping is done within myNSU.

Departmental Guidelines These policies and procedures apply to courses delivered electronically at Northwestern State University.

Proctoring Policy: This policy applies to electronic learning courses at Northwestern State University.

For WebEx and Moodle tutorials and additional educational resources please visit our Professional Development page.