From the Student’s Side: Madison Shidiskis’ Adventures at the University of Alicante in Spain

· · From the Student’s Side: Madison Shidiskis’ Adventures at the University of Alicante in Spain

By Ruben E. Smith

International Student Resource Center


Madison Shidiskis is a Business Administration major at NSU from West Monroe, Louisiana. When she was in Natchitoches, she worked as a spring event coordinator for the University Programming Council and a scorekeeper for intramurals. She was also involved in different organizations like SAOB, Purple Jackets, NSLS and Demon Crew.

In her second semester of her junior year, she decided to study abroad. When she started applying she discovered the Dual-Degree program that NSU and the University of Alicante have for business majors. Shidiskis said, “The application process was very easy, but everything else was intense and a little confusing.” She was referring to the visa process, where there is a lot of paperwork that is needed to obtain a visa.

She said, “I am working on something to help others when they have to go through this process.”

Shidiskis also talked about her experience being abroad in Spain. “It didn’t seem real for the longest time, even once we landed! It was so surreal. I was ready and very excited; I’d been looking forward to this experience ever since I decided to do it. I had only been to Alicante for one week for international week.”

Because of her previous journey to Alicante, Spain, she knew what to expect, but still the unexpected happened. The airline lost her luggage, but she received it a few days later. She said her father came with her, and it helped having him there for her and his own experience abroad.

“I love the culture and customs here. I think I have adjusted well, new things pop up here and there but overall it has been amazing,” Shidiskis finished.

Madison Shidiskis

You can have a study abroad experience like Maddison’s, just visit Russell Hall 227 and speak with Dr. Telba Espinoza-Contreras or Vivian Pedroza about opportunities to go abroad.



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