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Cade Stepp

Assistant Director for Project Lead the Way and IET/EET Recruiting


Old Normal Hill and the steps leading up to it are a constant reminder of the rich history that surrounds Northwestern State University. I fell in love with this area during my first year at NSU mainly due to the fact that I spent every day in Russell Hall, which is located here. Though, this place is more than where I just went to class. The three columns are located here; this is where the school began in 1884. There is so much history and tradition here that I found myself in awe of how wonderful NSU really is, and such a special place it holds. At the base of these steps you can find a poem titled “Old Normal Hill” which is dedicated to the beauty found here. This place is definitely one to admire and is definitely a special one for me. I hope you too have the opportunity of getting to see the beauty and tradition it has!