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Linda Walker

Office Coordinator



NSU has been a very special place for me for 35 years. I have enjoyed every moment working here. I have met so many young people as well as colleagues during my years here. I chose the main gates of the campus because even when my kids were very small, I drove through those gates taking them to Elementary Lab School. All three of my children went to Elementary Lab School and continued to Middle Lab School. All three of my children have degrees from NSU, and my daughter is the Department Head in the Department of Teaching, Leadership and Counseling. Now I am going through those gates knowing that I have a grandson attending here who is a member of the NSU football team. I also have the pleasure of going through those gates picking up my grandkids in both Elementary Lab and Middle Lab School. NSU is a very important part of my life. As I am preparing for my retirement, it is an awesome thought to know how many times I have entered NSU through those gates.