Growing sense of optimism highlights preparations for Spring semester

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A Message from NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

Please allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude and sincere congratulations to everyone associated with Northwestern State University for your monumental efforts and steadfast dedication in making the Fall 2020 semester so successful under such difficult circumstances.

It is not likely that the university has ever experienced in its 136 years such complexity and uncertainty, but your confidence in the school and each other and your collaborative spirit resulted in the extensive preparations, modifications and compliance with health directives that made the semester so orderly and productive.

 As we prepare for our return to campus for the spring semester, there is a growing sense of optimism at the university and across the nation.

The availability of vaccines for coronavirus is providing light at the end of the dark tunnel of anguish through which we have traveled in recent months.

We have hope and expectations that students and faculty will resume more traditional activities and teach and study in an atmosphere of increased normalcy as the spring semester progresses.

There are still challenging days ahead with the pandemic, but your actions and attitudes in the fall semester enhanced the safety of our campus and provided a framework for continued success in academics and student activities.

Safety protocols that you observed on campus in the fall will still be in effect for your wellbeing and the health and welfare of others.  We will maintain social distancing, wear masks, and use hand sanitizers, doing our part to mitigate the spread of the virus.

More in-person classes are planned for the spring, but there will also be on-line and hybrid academic offerings.

The university’s innovation and flexibility in class delivery that was evident in the fall provides assurances that we can transition smoothly and quickly to alternate methods of teaching and learning if necessary.

Northwestern has been providing exceptional academic opportunities and other valuable and relevant student experiences throughout its long history.    That commitment was at the forefront in the fall even in arduous times as it will be in the spring semester.

In all of the university’s endeavors, your safety and wellbeing will be our preeminent priority as we follow state and national health advisories.

During the break, you can refer to our Return to Campus plan,, on the university website that includes in-depth information on classes, the spring calendar, health and safety procedures, housing and dining services, frequently asked questions, and other aspects of university life.  It includes contacts to obtain specific information and guidance in enrolling and preparing for the spring semester.

Working together, we will continue to have the safe, successful, and rewarding experiences this spring that were prevalent in the fall.

It is my hope that each of you will enjoy a much needed and well-deserved holiday break.  I look forward to seeing faculty and staff back on campus beginning Jan. 4 and students the following Monday, Jan.  11, for the beginning of spring classes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and may you be comforted and warmed by the hope, peace, and joy of the holidays.





About the Author:

Leah Jackson is Northwestern State University's Director of Public Information and Media Relations. She is a 1994 and 2011 graduate of NSU and has been on staff since 2004.