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Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB)

There have been many changes to the IRB in light of the new Federal requirements. Click here for a summary of the changes.  Please submit your complete application in one email with all necessary attachments to irb@nsula.edu


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In compliance with policies established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), when human beings are used as subjects in research projects, safeguards must be established to protect the health, well-being and rights of the subjects. The Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects in Research–Human Subjects Institutional Review Board reviews all research proposals involving human subjects. University policy requires that all research proposals for which data is to be collected from human subjects shall be submitted to this committee to determine whether an exemption applies or whether a review is required. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to assure compliance with this policy in research conducted by either a student or the faculty member.

Board Members

Dr. Tanya Karam-Zanders, Chair, Gallaspy College of Education and Human Development
Dr. Vickie Gentry (non-voting), Dean of Graduate School
Alysia Jones (non-voting), Office of Sponsored Programs
Dr. Begona Perez-Mira, College of Business and Technology (non-scientist)
Dr. Terrie Poehl, Gallaspy College of Education and Human Development
Col. Frank Hall, College of Arts and Sciences (non-scientist)
Dr. Shane Rasmussen, College of Arts and Sciences (non-scientist)
Dr. Keith Dromm, College of Arts and Sciences: Louisiana Scholars’ College (non-scientist)
Dr. Donald Johnston, College of Nursing & School of Allied Health
Dr. Kwon Chan Jeon, Gallaspy College of Education and Human Development
Frances Conine, Student Affairs (non-scientist)
Cindy McGuire, College of Nursing & School of Allied Health
Kimberly Johnson Liner, Graduate Student Representative
Dr. Margaret Hodge, Unaffiliated Member