Student Technology Advisory Team

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Committee Purpose

The Student Technology Fee is assessed at $5.00 per credit hour up to $100.00 dollars to all students registered at Northwestern State University. Students should maintain the primary decision over how the money will be spent. In order for this process to be executed, a self-sustaining committee was developed to oversee all expenditures. This committee is known as the Student Technology Advisory Team (STAT) and is a representative body of students which:

  • Appoints student members to ITAC for student representation;
  • Helps ensure that NSTEP promotes the technology needs of students;
  • Approves the annual Student Technology Fee budget;
  • Ensures that the performance of all personnel funded through the student technology is evaluated annually, or as requested by STAT in accordance with university staff evaluation guidelines;
  • Adheres to the membership, charge and role defined for STAT as presented herein.
Committee Membership

There will be a standing committee composed of seven members know as the S.T.A.T (Student Technology Advisory Team). Those composing the membership of the committee include:


  • SGA President – Natchitoches campus (Chairman)
  • SGA Treasure – Natchitoches campus (Vice-Chairman)
  • SGA President – Shreveport Campus
  • SGA Treasurer – Shreveport Campus
  • Two students nominated by the Natchitoches Campus SGA President, and approved by the associated SGA senate
  • One student nominated and approved by the Leesville Director
  • One student nominated and approved by the Cenla Director

        Ex-officio members (non-voting)

  • Director of Information Systems (The Director of Information Systems may act as a non-voting chair to call STAT meetings in the event that the regular STAT Chair and Vice-Chair become inactive)
  • Faculty/Staff Representative from ITAC
STAT Team Agenda and Meeting Minutes