Update: Maggio discusses proctoring, summer classes and CONSAH courses

· , NSU News · Update: Maggio discusses proctoring, summer classes and CONSAH courses

Update – April 22, 2020:  A Message from NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio:

As we continue to work through this horrendous, heartbreaking crisis, your patience and understanding are encouraging and deeply appreciated.

Your adaptability to drastic changes in university operations created by the pandemic has been inspiring.

There are stories and reports every day of the compassion of students, faculty and staff during these unprecedented circumstances and of how so many of you are going the extra mile to assist those around you and be sensitive to their needs.

Because everyone is working so diligently and completely united in the best interests of the university and all who are a part of it, our progress is evident and extensive.

The rigor of our academic programs has remained intact, and the university has continued to serve current students effectively and attract new students for the future.

Today, I would like to share information on the newly adopted Spring, 2020, Final Exam Policy (see below) and an update on Summer Classes.

Final Exam and Proctoring Policy:

 Please see the COVID-19 Full-Term and B-Term Final Exams and Proctoring Policy for Face-to-Face Classes Meeting Online below. Generated through Academic Affairs, the policy was written and vetted through the Provost, Academic Deans, Directors, Department Heads, Faculty Senate, and Student Government Association in response to the COVID-19 pandemic asking the University to move all face-to-face classes to the online environment. In order to better facilitate the success of students and better meet the needs of faculty during these unprecedented times, the Spring, 2020, Final Exam Schedule is to be replaced by the following policies on the design and administration of final exams and alternative assessment as well as the proctoring of those assessments.

Summer Classes

 With the ongoing uncertainty and the related timing of returning to more normal operations, our summer classes will be delivered in an online format. A broad range of courses will be offered in our 4-week, 8-week and 11-week sessions in order to allow students to continue making progress toward their degrees.

All summer classes will be online except for some courses listed below in the College of Nursing and School of Allied Health. Please note these graduate courses are combined didactic and clinical courses, so to avoid any confusion as they are listed as internet sections. The clinical components of each course will remain in the clinical setting, and the didactic portions will be taught online. All Nursing and Allied Health students, especially those in the sections listed below, are encouraged to reach out to their academic advisors, professors, and administrators in CONSAH for continued updates, and to get instructions for summer.

School of Allied Health

RADS 3311 sections 90A, 90S, 91S

RADS 3911 90S

RADS 4511 90A, 90S, 91S

RADS 4711 90S

College of Nursing

NURB 3041 80S

NURB 3061 80S 81S

NURB 4121 all sections (01N, 02N, 50A, 80S, 81S, 82S, 83S, 84S, 87S, 88S, 89S, 90S)

NURB 4131 01N, 02N, 50A, 80S, 81S, 82S, 83S, 84S, 86S, 87S, 88S, 89S

NURB 4221 01N, 50A, 51A, 52A, 80S, 81S, 82S, 83S, 85S, 86S, 87S

NURB 4231: 01N, 50A, 51A, 52A, 80S

NURG 5320; 01I

NURG 5330; 01I

NURG 5420; 01I

NURG 5540; 01I

NURG 5780; 03I, 04I, 05I, 06I

NURG 5920 01I


COVID-19 Final Exam Policy


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