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Stress to Resilience

By Ms. Brittany McMinn, M.A. PLPC, NCC, Northwestern State University of Louisiana

30 Journal Prompts for Anxiety

  1. Anxiety isn’t in control of me. I’m strong because …
  2. What has helped me overcome anxiety in the past …
  3. My happiest memory is …
  4. I remember feeling …
  5. What do I feel most anxious about right now? How long have I been worried about this?
  6. I want people to know this about me.
  7. Write a letter to […]

15 Journal Prompts for Depression

  1. When things are tough, | want to remember…
  2. What 3 things have I achieved today?
  3. List 3 things that you love about yourself.
  4. What is your biggest failure in life and what did you learn from it?
  5. What is your greatest achievement?
  6. What is your favorite quote?
  7. If you knew you […]

Journal Prompts for Mental Health & Self-Discovery

  1. On my worst days, I want to remember that …
  2. What is something you can do today to make yourself feel better tomorrow?
  3. What is the thing you value most in life and why?
  4. What is the thing you value most in life and why?
  5. If failure wasn’t an option, what […]

Stress Relieving Journal Prompts

  1. How do I feel in my body right now? If I was talking to a five-year-old, how would I describe how I was feeling?
  2. Even though I’m stressed or upset, I can’t help but smile when …
  3. What thoughts, actions, or emotions am I avoiding? What am I afraid of if I face […]