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ResizedImage158230-Jason-ParksWelcome from the Executive Director

Thank you for visiting our website and hope that we will meet very soon. Northwestern State University in Alexandria serves as a post-secondary education partner to the Central Louisiana community, offering degree programs that are vital to the educational and workforce needs of the area. Our student population is varied with most students entering with some existing college course credits. The program diversity and regional locations of the many NSU campuses afford students convenience and opportunity in selecting a degree. If you decide to stay in Alexandria and major in any of the degree programs offered at the NSU CENLA Campus, all degree requirements are on site or offered through NSU’s expansive online or compressed video delivery system.

CENLA faculty and staff are committed to academic quality and integrity and strive to better serve you with responsiveness in the delivery of undergraduate and graduate courses. We understand that many of our students are juggling work, parenting and heavy course loads. Most Alexandria classes are offered in a 1-day a week “2 hr. 50 min.” format, day or evening, and allow students flexibility with work and home schedules. CENLA students have access to computers, library resources, and registration services including academic advisors.

If you’re considering a university close to home, check out the NSU CENLA Campus. We want you to be successful and provide academic guidance, student support and extended hours of operation. We’re here to help with your educational and career goals.


Jason Parks
Executive Director
CENLA Campuses