National Distance Learning Week

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Student Advertising Design Competition

To celebrate National Distance Learning Week, Northwestern State University is bringing back the Student Ad Design Competition! We had some amazing submissions last year, and cannot wait to see what comes from this year’s entries.

Design an advertisement that could be featured on the eNSU website! You are welcome to use any program you are familiar with, as long as the resulting file is one of the approved types: .png, .eps, .ai, or .psd. The final ad should be 650 x 350 px. The deadline for entries is November 10th.
For official NSU Visual Branding Guidelines & Downloadable Files:

eNSU logo: PNG

Official Colors: The official colors of Northwestern State University of Louisiana are purple and white. The athletic department may additionally employ orange as an accent color. The official colors are expressed in these ways:

Northwestern State Purple 86-100-3-1 Athletic Dept Orange 0-75-96-0

Northwestern State Purple 79-45-139 Athletic Dept Orange 255-100-24

Northwestern State Purple PMS 267 Athletic Dept Orange: PMS 165

Northwestern State Purple 663399 Athletic Dept Orange: ff6600

Your design should express the exciting and innovative world of online learning, and the opportunities presented through eNSU. We are “dedicated to one goal. Yours.” We pride ourselves in accessibility, variety, and positive learning experiences. Keep these characteristics in mind as you design.

Submit your designs using the form below:

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I accept that the ad I submit becomes the property of Northwestern State University, and that by my submission, I permit the use of the ad on NSU's website, and in any of NSU's promotional materials. If used, I understand that this design may be adjusted to fit the eNSU initiative. (required)