National Distance Learning Week

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Welcome to National Distance Learning Week at NSU!

Join the Office of Electronic and Continuing Education November 9-13 as we explore and celebrate NSU’s distance learning initiatives and accomplishments.  National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) is sponsored by the United States Distance Learning Association as a time to promote and celebrate the enormous growth and outstanding accomplishments occurring today in distance learning programs offered by schools, businesses, and governmental departments.  For more information about Distance Learning Week, visit the United States Distance Learning Association website:

2015 NDLW Webinar Schedule

“In the industrial age we went to school, in the communications age the school comes to us. For many technical professionals and managers – due to work demands and family commitments — bringing the school to them via distance education is the only way to maintain career vitality and a competitive edge in the workplace.” Dr. Andy DiPaolo, Executive Director, Stanford Center for Professional Development and USDLA Board Member