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Parents & Family

As a parent or family member you will have many questions concerning your child’s involvement in Greek Life at NSU. The transition into college life may seem very challenging at times. Greek Life exists a proven support system for your child as they enter new and exciting period of life.

Be supportive and engaged with your child by learning as much as you can and by asking questions throughout the recruitment and new member process. Once they have become a full member of a Greek organization there will be many opportunities for you to remain involved and share in their experience as members of the NSU Greek Community. Many chapters host family functions and events for mothers and fathers of their members. When your child becomes a member of the Greek Community at Northwestern State you become a part of the NSU Greek Family too!

If there is ever anything the Office of Greek Life can do to be of assistance or answer any questions you may have about the Greek Community please do not hesitate to contact Mary-Katherine Horton, the Director of Greek Life at

Recruitment is the process of mutual selection between a student and a chapter. Whether it is the formal, open, or intake process, each aspect of joining should be fun and informative for potential members. Encourage your child to go through the recruitment process to learn more about Greek Life at NSU. They are in no way obligated to join the Greek Community by participating.

For those who do decide to accept an invitation of membership they will participate in a new member education process that can last no longer than 8 weeks. This process is designed to orient the student on the chapter and national organization through meetings, educational lessons, service projects, social events, and academic programs. New members are also educated on topics such as safety, hazing, alcohol, and sexual assault prevention by the Office of Greek Life.

The new member process should not interfere in any way with a student’s academic responsibilities. The new member process is designed to be fun, rewarding, informative, and challenging, therefore physical and mental hazing is not tolerated by any national organization, the Office of Greek Life, Northwestern State University, and is illegal in the state of Louisiana.

If you ever feel that any physical or mental hazing is taking place during any aspect of your child’s Greek Life experience please contact the Director of Greek Life, Mary-Katherine Horton immediately at

Academics should be your child’s top priority while attending college. This is why Greek organizations require a minimum grade point average in order to join. Chapters also have officers or other designated individuals who are focused on the academic performance of each member. Many chapters also have educational programs such as tutoring and study sessions to assist members in excelling academically. Several chapters also offer scholarships to its members. Since obtaining a degree is the main reason for attending college, please be sure to help your child realize that academics come first and grades must be maintained if he or she wishes to participate in Greek Life at Northwestern State.

There are financial responsibilities when joining a fraternity or sorority at NSU. Many chapters have new member fees that are due after accepting a bid and an initiation fee due before formally joining the chapter. Each chapter also has member dues that are paid each semester. These amounts are set by the chapter and national organization. Please help ensure that your child is aware of the financial responsibility that comes with joining a Greek organization and have conversations about budgeting and if joining a fraternity or sorority is affordable. Have your child ask questions about finances during the recruitment process.

Membership in a Greek organization does require attendance at meetings and other mandatory events. Many students also choose to engage in more optional activities such as holding office, attending national events, participating in social activities, and assisting with projects. These activities, however, should never interfere with a student’s ability to be successful academically. No one knows your child better than you do. Have a conversation about their ability to effectively manage their schedule to fully engage in college life outside the classroom.

  • Greek organizations offer a “home away from home” for a variety of students with diverse interests and different backgrounds.
  • Fraternities and sororities instill leadership skills in their members and promote active citizenship.
  • Members of the Greek Community statistically have higher GPA’s that non-Greeks.
  • Membership in a fraternity or sorority increases first-year college retention.
  • Academic performance of first-year students is higher among fraternity and sorority members.
  • Greeks graduate at higher rates than other students.
  • Fraternity and sorority members spend more hours on service and volunteering than other students.
  • Because Greek students feel a deeper connection to their college or university, Greek alumni donate more to their alma mater after graduation.
  • Members of fraternities and sororities have exponentially larger professional networks.

Source: Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values

Did You Know?

  • All but two US presidents since 1825 have been Greek
  • 76% of US Senators are Greek
  • 70% of US Congressmen are Greek
  • 85% of all US Supreme Court Justices have been Greek
  • 85% of all Fortune 500 Key Executives are Greek
  • 68% of doctors and 72% of lawyers nationally belong to a fraternity or sorority

Source: North-American Interfraternity Conference