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How To Join

Each of the 17 fraternities and sororities at Northwestern State are affiliated with inter/national organizations and are governed by our three Greek councils: the College Panhellenic Council (CPC), The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and the Interfraternity Council (IFC).  These organizations are single-sex organizations and select their membership accordingly. While many of the recruitment activities for joining these organizations are coordinated by their respective councils, the practice and procedures for selecting members are determined by each individual fraternity and sorority.

The joining process for fraternities and sororities are different per their respective councils. Students who are interested in joining a Greek organization should learn about the process for joining, the values and history of the organization itself, and the expectations of membership.

Please be aware that membership in a fraternity and sorority is a lifelong commitment. When looking to join one of our Greek organizations you should know the values of the fraternity or sorority and expectations of membership before making that commitment. Take the time during the recruitment and intake process to learn as much as you can about each of these incredible chapters that comprise our Greek community here at NSU. The benefits of membership come with responsibilities such as financial and time commitment, academic attainment, and adherence to standards and expectations of behavior. The decision to join a fraternity or sorority will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your entire college career and with that decision comes a support system, a home away from home, and a group of lifelong friends.


Meet the awesome fraternities and sororities that make up the Greek community at NSU. Learn about what makes each chapter unique and opportunities available to members, and, of course, how to join!

Monday, August 15 • 11-1 pm
Kyser Brickway

GREEK 1010

All Greek informational to learn more about fraternity & sorority recruitment and intake. Anyone interested in joining a Greek organization at NSU should attend.

Tuesday, August 16 • 6 pm
Student Union Ballroom


Women who are interested in participating in College Panhellenic (CPC) recruitment will go through the formal recruitment process in the fall semester. This highly structured process will consist of rounds where you will visit each chapter and through the mutual selection process hopefully be matched with a sorority that is the best fit for you. Any woman may participate in formal recruitment but it is highly unlikely that anyone with below a 2.5 GPA will be extended an invitation to join a sorority. You must register to participate in formal recruitment and pay the registration fee to join a Panhellenic sorority. Letters of recommendation are encouraged, but not necessary. In the spring semester the recruitment process is more relaxed and open but sororities are only able to extend a limited number of invitations to join.  Learn more about the College Panhellenic Council.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, August 24 • 5pm, Student Union – Lucile M. Hendrick Room
Come join our Gamma Chis as we sip on iced tea and learn more about life in a sorority at Northwestern State University!

Sunday, August 28 • 3pm, President’s House
Meet your recruitment counselors and learn about everything you will need to know about the recruitment process and sorority life!

Wednesday, August 31 • 5pm, Student Union – Lucile M. Hendrick Room
Sit back and relax in your favorite PJs as we kickoff recruitment weekend with a movie night! You will officially meet your Gamma Chi groups at this event.

Thursday, September 1 • 7pm, Student Union Ballroom
This program will go over everything you will need to know about the formal recruitment weekend. From what to wear, how bidding works, what each day will focus on, to how much it costs to join and what all is covered, you will get all of your questions answered as we kick off your formal recruitment experience.

September 2-4
This process is designed for you to meet the women of the chapters and for them to meet you. You will learn about the values of each organization so that you can make the best decision on which sorority will be the best fit for you. Each day will be different as there is a sisterhood day, philanthropy day, and preference day. The weekend concludes with a bid day party for each sorority.

View Sorority Recruitment Guide
Register For Sorority Recruitment
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The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at NSU facilitates a structured open recruitment process in the fall semester and an open recruitment process in the spring. The IFC will host events for men to meet members of the fraternities in addition to events hosted by each respective fraternity. Men interested in joining should attend every IFC event and at least one event hosted by each fraternity to make the most informed decision. You may receive multiple invitations from fraternities to join but may only accept one. Men interested in going through recruitment should register. There is no cost to register for recruitment.  Learn more about the Interfraternity Council.

Schedule of Events

Monday, August 15 to Wednesday, August 24
Interested in joining one of our 7 IFC fraternities at NSU? Over the course of the fall semester each chapter will be hosting events in order to promote the fraternity experience at NSU. Be sure to register so you wont miss out on any of the chapter events they will be hosting!

Wednesday, August 17 • 6pm, President’s House
Meet the men of the Interfraternity Council and enjoy tailgate games, food, music, and brotherhood. Casual attire.

Sunday, August 21 • 3pm, Iberville Green
Join the men of the 7 IFC fraternities in a laid back setting and enjoy food, music, and more. This is a time to get your last minute questions answered about each fraternity before bid extension begins.

Monday, August 22 • 8am
Fraternities will begin extending bids to new members. To formally accept, new members should attend IFC Bid Day.

Thursday, August 25 • 5pm, Columns at Normal Hill, by Russell Hall
Formally accept your bid to membership in a Fraternity and introduce yourself to the Greek community at NSU. New members should arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Slacks and a polo attire.

View IFC Fraternity Recruitment Guide

Those students who are interested in joining one of our National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations must be aware that the intake process is facilitated by each individual fraternity and sorority and not through the council or Office of Greek Life. These organizations determine their own intake dates and it is unlikely that an organization will conduct intake each semester. NPHC organizations also do not extend membership to first semester students. The intake process for each NPHC fraternity and sorority will vary in time, content, and cost but will all contain a pre-initiation orientation, an initiation ceremony, and an in-depth education program that are supervised by alumni(ae) advisors.  Learn more about the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, August 17 • 6pm, Student Union Plaza
Join the 7 NPHC sororities and fraternities as they gather every third Wednesday of the month with a DJ, dancing, and other activities.

Learn more about the intake process
  • Greek organizations offer a “home away from home” for a variety of students with diverse interests and different backgrounds.
  • Fraternities and sororities instill leadership skills in their members and promote active citizenship.
  • Members of the Greek Community statistically have higher GPA’s that non-Greeks.
  • Membership in a fraternity or sorority increases first-year college retention.
  • Academic performance of first-year students is higher among fraternity and sorority members.
  • Greeks graduate at higher rates than other students.
  • Fraternity and sorority members spend more hours on service and volunteering than other students.
  • Because Greek students feel a deeper connection to their college or university, Greek alumni donate more to their alma mater after graduation.
  • Members of fraternities and sororities have exponentially larger professional networks.

Source: Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values

Did You Know?

  • All but two US presidents since 1825 have been Greek
  • 76% of US Senators are Greek
  • 70% of US Congressmen are Greek
  • 85% of all US Supreme Court Justices have been Greek
  • 85% of all Fortune 500 Key Executives are Greek
  • 68% of doctors and 72% of lawyers nationally belong to a fraternity or sorority

Source: North-American Interfraternity Conference