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Northwestern State University is approved for the training of VA students and certifies the student’s enrollment to the appropriate VA Regional Office upon request. The NSU Veteran Services Office, located in Student Services Center Room 335, coordinates services to all veterans, dependents, guardsmen, and reservists attending classes who are eligible for veteran’s benefits. Any veteran who is enrolled at NSU who is eligible for VA educational benefits should notify the NSU Veterans Affairs Office when he/she wishes to be certified. The NSU Veterans Affairs Office is currently staffed by two Veteran’s Certifying Officials and one Veteran Assistant.

Where Do I Start?

New Students Your first step is to register for your educational benefits on VONAPP (Veterans On-line Application Process). If you prefer, download and complete a paper VA 22-1990 for Veterans or a 22-5490 for dependents. Next, fill out the NSU VA Certification Data Form. Finally, provide a copy of your Certification of Eligibility and N.O.B.E (Notice of Basic Eligibility) for Reservists and copies of any kickers. The fax number for Veterans Affairs is 318-357-5913.
Continuing Students If you are continuing from the previous semester, complete a NSU VA Certification Data Form and submit to the VA Certifying Official. The fax number for Veterans Affairs is 318-357-5913.
Transfer Students You will need to complete a VA 22-1995 form only if you are changing majors when transferring and an NSU VA Certification Data Form (if you are a Chapter 35 Dependent, you must complete a VA 22-5495 form, along with a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility. The fax number for Veterans Affairs is 318-357-5913.


We require a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility for continous processing. You must certify your attendance EVERY MONTH with the VA for Chapters 30 and 1606 only. You can either call the office in Muskogee, OK, at 1-877-823-2378 or certify online at Other VA information can be obtained by contacting the VA Regional Office in Oklahoma at 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).


  1. Awarding of Academic Credit/Grades
    1. Students in the uniformed services who are mobilized/activated during a semester or term will be given the option of either: (1) complete withdrawal from the college or university for the semester; or (2) withdrawal from or continuation in individual courses within the college or university upon a determination that institution guidelines are met and that it is educationally sound to allow such Students who choose to remain enrolled in some or all courses should be provided reasonable support to ensure that the pursuit of education is disrupted to the minimum extent possible and that no undue penalties are assessed due to a military call to service.
    2. Course Withdrawals. When mobilization/activation occurs prior to the college or university census date, mobilized students who withdraw will incur no penalty or grade in any Those who withdraw from all courses will be given a complete withdrawal from the college or university (with 100 percent refund of tuition and fees which have been paid, including student insurance and other non-refundable fees). After the census date, mobilized students who withdraw from a course shall receive a grade of “W” in the course and 100 percent refund of course-related tuition and fees which have been paid, excluding student insurance fees and other non-refundable fees. When possible, transcripts should be annotated to reflect that the resignation is the result of activation for military duty. Room and board payments will be refunded on a prorated basis, regardless of the date of involuntary mobilization/activation.
    3. Continued Enrollment After Involuntary Mobilization/Activation. Students may choose to remain enrolled in individual courses upon a determination that it is educationally sound to allow such continuation and with the concurrence of the instructor and dean (or equivalent), as required by college or university For courses in which enrollment is continued, institution policies should address, at a minimum, and dependent upon the date of involuntary mobilization, provisions for students to request: (a) a grade of incomplete; (b) a final grade based upon course work prior to the date of mobilization; or (c) an early final examination in order that the instructor can determine a final course grade. Those students who receive incomplete grades shall have no longer than one year after conclusion of the involuntary term of active duty to meet with university officials and work out a timetable for removing the incomplete grades.
  2. Academic Status Upon Re-enrollment. When students whose enrollment was interrupted by mobilization/activation re-enroll in the same institution within one year of completion of their involuntary term of active service, the college or university will make every possible effort to place the students back into their academic studies track as close as possible to the same place they occupied when mobilized/activated. The normal readmission application fee will be waived for these
    1. Reasonable attempts should be made to give preferential enrollment into high demand courses necessary for these students to continue their studies with as little interruption as possible.
    2. Time spent on active duty should not be counted in determining the catalog under which the student must meet curricular or degree requirements; involuntary mobilization/activation will not be considered a break in continuous attendance, for catalog A person who, upon being offered separation from involuntary active duty, reenlists or otherwise voluntarily extends active duty, may be considered to have broken continuous attendance.
    3. In instances of substantial change to curricula or course inventory during the period of involuntary military service, the institution shall make reasonable accommodations with substitute courses, independent study or other appropriate If a student’s curriculum no longer exists at the time of re-enrollment, the institution shall reasonably assist the student in changing to a new curriculum or transferring to an institution where the desired curriculum is available.
    4. For law students, waivers will be granted as necessary for the requirements of the American Bar Association
  3. Scholarships. A student who is mobilized/activated while holding a scholarship under the control of the college or university in which the student is enrolled shall have the scholarship, or an equivalent scholarship, reinstated upon re-enrolling at the college or university after the period of involuntary active duty so long as he/she remains otherwise This provision shall lapse if the student does not re-enroll in the same college or university within one year from the time of separation from the involuntary active duty.
  4. Books. If course textbooks are to continue being used in subsequent semesters or terms for courses from which a mobilized/activated student withdraws, colleges and universities should arrange for the purchase of these textbooks by the campus bookstore, when
  5. Student Grants and Loans. Students who have been awarded grants or loans and are mobilized/activated at any time during the semester or term should be advised to consult with the Financial Aid Office of the college or university they are attending in order to obtain clarification and/or further information on the status or repayment requirements of any existing grants and loans for attending Students on any State aid (e.g., TOPS, GO) should be urged to contact the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance before leaving the campus (
  6. Spouses and Dependents of Mobilized/Activated Students.
    1. Insurance Coverage. When applicable, colleges and universities should work closely with spouses of students who are mobilized/activated to ensure maximum medical insurance coverage to the extent allowed by the insurer for the spouse and dependents of the student
    2. Housing. Spouses and dependents of students who are mobilized/activated and who live in college/university married student housing shall be allowed to continue renting or leasing these quarters. If the student does not re-enroll in the college or university within six months after the completion of the involuntary mobilization/activation period, then the spouse and dependents may be required to vacate the college/university housing.

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