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Welcome to University Studies 1000

The University Experience 1000 (UNIV 1000) is our freshman seminar course and should be taken during a student’s first semester at Northwestern State University.  It is designed to ease students’ transition to the University experience. The focus is primarily on career development, the academic advising process, and academic regulations/requirements.

New students will be exposed to a wealth of University programs and services, including, but not limited to engagement in student affairs, financial aid regulations, Department of Education compliance, financial literacy, and awareness of the numerous student organizations and activities at Northwestern State University.

We offer many tools to assist students in the course.  Some of those tools include the following:

  • TypeFocus™ – Research shows that students with solid career goals are more likely to be successful in college.  One of the goals of Academic Advising Services is to help entering freshmen find careers (and corresponding majors) that match their values, interests, personalities, and skills.  AAS utilizes the career assessment inventory TypeFocus™ to help students explore their career options.  AAS strongly encourages you to complete the following steps this summer, before fall classes begin.
    1. Step One: To print out step-by-step directions, click on the following link:
      Directions for completing TypeFocus™
      Screen shots for completing Typefocus™
    2. Step Two: To log onto TypeFocus™, click on the following link:TypeFocus™.
      *The Access Code for TypeFocus™ is: NSU86. For directions on logging on, please click the links in Step One
  • Financial Avenue – Financial Literacy is a key factor in college success. Financial Avenue helps students recognize the importance of helping students effectively manage their personal finances.  Northwestern State University utilizes Financial Avenue to assist studentsFinancial Avenue is an online learning environment that empowers students and their families for a lifetime of success. It emphasizes the role of financial literacy education and default prevention services in achieving that goal.
    1. Step One: To print out step-by-step directions or to view the power point show, click on the following link:
      Directions for completing Financial Avenue
    2. Step Two: To log onto Financial Avenue, click on the following link: Financial Avenue.
      *The Access Code for this module is: mh6y6d. For directions on logging on, please click the link in Step One.
    MyStudentBody is a comprehensive approach to reducing the risk of drug and alcohol abuse and sexual violence among college students. MyStudentBody engages students and parents in effective, evidence-based prevention and gives administrators the data to target, evaluate, and strengthen prevention initiatives

    There is much more to college life than classes, homework, and exams. The Department of Student Activities at Northwestern State University aims to enhance the college experience of all students. Student organizations, activities, traditions, athletic events, and much more help students discover hidden talents while gaining marketable skills.

    The Department of Student Activities uses Purple Portal (think Facebook for organizations) to assist in the certification and management of Recognized Student Organizations. Purple Portal is an online community management system that centralizes campus involvement. The web-based platform streamlines communication and helps to build a stronger campus community. Purple Portal has more than 50 tools to help students and administrators manage their day-to-day processes.