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“Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.” – Martin Luther (as cited in Hazlitt, 2004)
We often use the word hope as though it were in reference to a wish that we would like to have granted or a feel-good word that is used to comfort ourselves or others. Hope, however, is much more than that. Hope is a powerful motivating force that drives us to overcome the most difficult of obstacles. Hope is what pushes us to move forward to make the world a better place. Hope is a gentle yet powerful force that drives us to better a situation, not only for ourselves, but for others. It is the light that allows us to see the beauty even during the darkest of nights.

Hope is a gift. I want to encourage you to take hold of it, cultivate it, grow it, and use it wisely. Allow it to transform you, and for you in turn, to touch the lives of those around you.

By Beverly Broadway
Instructor and Academic Advisor
Department of Psychology
Northwestern State University

Luther, M. (2004). Table Talk (W. Hazlitt, Trans.). Christian Classics Ethereal Library. (Original work published 1566)

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Presentation & Photos by: Ms. Claire Meyer, Graduate Students & Assistant, Department of Psychology, Northwestern State University

The Great Realisation

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Two of Many Dearly Loved Ones

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Alexandria Sunset

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Promise of a New Dawn

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Statement of Positivity and Hope

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An Open Letter to Teaching Candidates, Residents, Student Teachers, and Interns

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By Desmund Tutu, A Photo by Dr. Marcia Hardy, NSU

Strength within Me

By Neeru Deep