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Media Services Request Form

ECE provides support for select special events that require media services.

Please complete the form below for any media services needed for your activity. ECE can only provide the items listed below. It is the requestor’s responsibility to reserve the room and secure chairs, tables, skirting, and other support required.

In order to prepare the equipment, Media Requests must be submitted at least 10 work days prior to the event. Requests not submitted in a timely manner may cause your event to NOT receive ECE support. For accountability, an NSU employee from the requesting department will be required to sign for the equipment on a temporary moveable property form.

ECE will contact you once your request has been processed. Please note that ECE has limited resources available.

This Request Form is to be filled out by Faculty/Staff only. NO exceptions. Natchitoches campus events only. Thank you.

Has the Event Location been reserved and keys acquired to lock/unlock the area? (ECE does not reserve spaces. This is solely the responsibility of the individuals hosting/organizing the event).

Number of people attending:

Support Required

Equipment set-up.Technical support during the event.

Please click the box to the left of the item(s) that you are requesting ECE provide for this event, and identify the number of items in the box provided below the item (*Please note that some resources are limited):

Laptop Computer and/or DVD Player. (Individuals requesting a DVD player will be provided with a lapdop equipped with an internal DVD drive).


Projector Screens

Sound System Support

Wired Microphone

Wireless Microphone